Seventh Generation Gets Top Grade Again! | Seventh Generation
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Seventh Generation Gets Top Grade Again!

Author: the Inkslinger

The new edition of the Better World Shopping Guide has just been released, and in it (we once again note with no small amount of well-earned pride!) Seventh Generation has been named the very best company on Earth.

It's a pretty impressive accolade. The Better World Shopping Guide grades virtually every consumer product company of any significance on an A to F scale, and these ratings represent a deep-dive into just about every piece of available data. The book's authors spent years analyzing 27 databases and indexes covering the social and environmental performance of more than 1,000 companies since the early 1990s. The new edition updates all this research with the latest reporting, and the result is the world's most comprehensive in-depth guide to using the power of our purse strings to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

Take this at-a-glance book with you whenever you shop for groceries, personal care products, electronics, baby items, and all kinds of other things and it'll guide you to those companies and products worthy of your financial support. It's extremely useful, and we can't argue with its conclusions! Pick up a copy and use it to make wise choices that build the promising future we all want to see. In the meantime we'll be here refusing to rest on these or any other laurels and working harder than ever to make sure we're number one next time, too.