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Seventh Generation Dish Soap -- It's Not Just for Dishes

Author: Seventh Generation

A few weeks ago we received a call from Monte Merrick who runs a small outfit in Northern California caring for brown pelicans and gulls contaminated by run off from coastal fisheries.

Monte needed dish soap to clean the birds, but not just any dish soap. He'd learned over his years of service that Seventh Generation works best. So we shipped a couple of cases off right away.

As you can see they were put to good use caring for over 250 brown pelicans and 9 gulls. 


grc1212 picture
Not only is it ironic that Dawn uses the clean up of oil covered ducks, when it's made with gas by-products, for advertising. Dawn is owned by Proctor and Gamble who test all thier products on animals to begin with. They get thier animals from shelters and have been known to pick up a stray off the side of the road also.
reales1016 picture
Well, I agree with previous posters about the irony of cleaning the ducks with products made from the very thing that caused the disaster in the first place. That being said, let's face it people, cleaning products don't drive the demand for oil. Gasoline does. The plethora of chemicals used by the industry to make cleaners are, in fact, by-products of the production of gasoline. I think that claims that using natural cleaning products will lower the demand for oil are bogus. People are going to keep driving their gas guzzling trucks and SUVs day in, and day out. We live in a country of freeways and suburbs and very little public transportation. We are 5.14% of the world population, yet we use 25% of the oil produced on the planet!!! My point is this, if the by-product chemicals of gasoline production aren't used for *something*, what would they do with those chemicals? This is not an excuse for the chemical giants, but there are no easy answers. I use and love natural cleaning products, including 7th Generation's products. I just don't appreciate being *greenwashed*. You want to reduce the demand for oil? Don't drive your 12 mile per gallon SUV to pick up the kids from soccer practice and *haul* groceries home. Sorry for the sarcasm, but it gets the point across.
hedgewitch3 picture
I love this article and I'm forwarding it to a friend who purchases Dawn based on the fact "they" helped clean up waterfowl during the Gulf spill. Nice to know MY favorite brand is doing as much... I agree, this should be more publicized!
greenguy7939 picture
I always sadly laugh at the Dawn commercials which show how they're helping to clean up coastal animals affected by oil spills, or what would be in this case runoff from local fisheries. I laugh because I know that if we all used vegetable and plant based soaps like the ones by Seventh Generation we could save thousands of barrels of oil per year and perhaps some of these oil spills would be avoided because we lowered the demand for oil. Cleaning up animals with products made from the stuff you have to clean off them really doesn't make any sense to me, does it make any sense to you?
swinglp picture
This is such as sweet story. You guys should make a tv commercial about it like that other horrible company does with the ducks that were covered with oil. While it was great the company helped out the ducks, it does a bunch of other horrible things to animals (testing on them) that seems to contradict the message of the commercial. Seventh Generation is a good company for animals and the environment and it would be great to see a commercial about saving the birds.