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Seeking the Wave That Will Set Us Free


“Presencing constitutes a third type of seeing, beyond seeing external reality and beyond seeing from within the living whole. It is seeing from within the source from which the future whole is emerging, peering back at the present from the future. In these moments, we can feel linked to our highest future possibility and destiny.”

From Presence by Peter M. Senge, C. Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers.

6:30 am, Wainscott, NY. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Miles of empty beach stretched out in both directions. The tide was just past its highest point. Four to six foot waves were breaking at once gently and with fury about 50 yards off the shore. I walked along the beach searching for the optimal point at which to enter the ocean. The perfection of nature was more than my eyes could take in, and yet they did. The sun was just beginning to show its warmth. I always approach these early morning sojourns with the hope of just one wave to remember.

I wait with no waiting from a future though I never quite know what form it will take. My highest future possibility and destiny may be about to emerge from within me. But then again they might not. It is all there and then again hidden from view. Hidden by the me that is not yet ready to surrender to that destiny.

We believe because we are told so that there is no destiny, no path that we were meant to pursue. Just a linear progression of limited possibilities. But it is there, waiting at our finger tips, underneath our eye lids, behind the wave that we hesitate to take. That path that contains all purpose and possibility. The path the world needs us to take, that will set us free, that makes no sense with in the reality that dominates most of our lives.