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See Film. Get Inspired. Help Kids.

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Author: the Inkslinger

If you plan to while away any of your upcoming winter hours staring at the flickering flames of your video box, you should make sure you watch this when you do.

Nobelity is a new film from writer and actor Turk Pipkin. (You’d recognize him if you saw him–he had a featured role in the Sopranos among other things). It’s a travelogue of sorts filmed as Turk traveled the continents seeking answers to the problems the world faces from a cross section of Nobel prize winners and looking at these issues through the eyes of the people who will be most affected by the decisions we make today: the children of the world.

If you're thinking that this all sounds very talking-head-scholarly-oh-dear-lord-can-I-sleep-now,
and even perhaps a bit this-is-less-than-captivating-let’s go-watch-some-paint-dry-instead, think again. Nobelity is wonderfully photographed and extremely engaging. It's a thought provoking experience that’s off-the-charts inspiring on all levels.

I mention all this because, well, for one it’s a worthwhile film that all inspired protagonists should see, and two, right now the work of our friends at Children’s Health Environment Coalition benefits from every purchase. Just follow this link, click "pre-order," and enter the promotional code CHECSP to get a special inspirational price. If you do, CHEC will receive 50% of your purchase and you’ll get to watch a cool movie that will burn as brightly in your mind as the fire it lights in your heart.