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Scary Parenting Moments

Author: Seventh Generation VT

Catching up on email after the holiday break, I came across one -- My Very Scary Mommy Moment -- that stopped me in my tracks. Trying to focus again after reading it was hard, and after a few days of this story swirling through my head I had to reach out to its author to let them know how profoundly they had affected me. Luckily, the author -- Kristi Marsh -- not only gave me an update on her son (pictured above), she kindly allowed me to share her story with you.

As the editor of this blog, I spend every day thinking how to help families make small but important decisions -- little changes with big impacts -- and always try to take a positive look at what good things can come out of those decisions. I don't want to focus on scary moments, but sometimes they are the ones that impact me the most. I find that it's during these times that my preferences become convictions. What could have been just a feeling solidifies into a certainty, and my behavior from that moment forward changes.

It turns out Kristi also thinks a lot about the little changes we can all make, and now she has enough of them to fill a book! Little Changes is a memoir woven with current events, humor, and the small decisions we make that can have big impacts in our lives.

I'm looking forward to reading it.



saramoss picture
Hi my name is Sara Moss I just read your story of a very scary mommy moment. Over the past five yrs I have been slowly changing my home to more green on and off but this reminds me how important it is especially with my little ones running around. Ive just started using Melaleuca and I was just wondering if you have heard any negative things about the company still new to learning what is the best for my family they seem pretty straight forward and all natural. Any thoughts? very excited to read little changes, will buy it to day Thank you Sara Moss.
xealia picture
My oldest son was considered failure to thrive as an infant until we found out he has severe food allergies. When he was a toddler he was doing better but still on a ton of meds for breathing issues, stomach issues, skin issues etc... I read an article about febreeze, plug ins and other chemicles and decided to try only using water, lemon juice, vinegar and the like. Needless to say the day after I removed everything from my home and gave it a new clean with the natural stuff my son could breathe through his nose for the first time in his young life. We have been chem free since. Its hard to keep him from friends houses and public places like schools and stores without breathing issues (especially public bathrooms). So I have to keep a damp clothe in my purse and he covers his mouth so we can get in and out as quick as possible. I wish more people were more concerned. I see my friends and family dousing their houses, clothes and kids with these chems and I hope and pray that my boys will live longer healthy lives and continue with our new traditions...
Kristi Marsh picture
Kristi Marsh
Thank you for reading my newsletter and reaching out to me! What kind of company takes the time to do that? Very impressive!I am very grateful and it has been a pleasure to work with you. For those interested in learning more about Little Changes, which just launched this week, I also just finished its book trailer here: