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Safer Chemicals Healthy Families: The Voices of Moms

Author: sheila.B

Safer Chemicals Healthy FamiliesAs mothers, our most important role is protecting our children. Our partners, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, are serious about protecting their families from toxic chemicals that are prevalent in our world today.

If you've read any of my previous posts, you know that I am passionate about feminine care products and natural household products because I think our daily exposure to toxic chemicals and the chronic health problems they cause are criminal. But unfortunately, they're not, because our nation's 34 year old law intended to regulate toxic chemicals has done nothing to combat the growing problem.

That's why we support these moms in their tireless work to pass the Safe Chemicals Act that would finally put in place real protections, like requiring chemicals to be proven safe before they can be used.

If you're a mom, please use household and personal care products free of toxic chemicals. Educate yourself before you buy. But we can't protect our families all by ourselves -- please join me and the moms in this video to make sure we have a strong law in place to keep our most precious members safe.


recycling_addict picture
The main reason I have used Seventh Generation products for years is that they are not tested on animals. I hope that this act that you are promoting specifies that the chemicals that you want tested for safety will not be tested on animals becauase if you don't, they will be. That is the standard way it is done, despite it not being reliable (Thalidomide passed animal tests). When congress has mandated that chemicals be tested in the past, they were planning on using hundreds of thousands of animals in painful tests where the animals were slowly poisoned to death, without painkillers. We in the animal right community went into full swing and used lots of valuable resources to fight this. Animal tests like these are not acceptable to me and I will not use 7th Gen products if they support and promote this act. Believe me, I am all about people moving away from chemicals. I think they are responsible for lots of diseases too, but this is not the way to do it. Buying products like 7th Gen is. That helps create bigger markets for natural products and smaller ones for Tide, ajax, etc. which are tested on animals. We don't have to choose between not poisoning animals and protecting our children. We can do both. I thought that is what 7th Gen was about. Both groups are innocent and vulerable and completely dependent on us.
LindaCornwall picture
Where can I find information about harmful chemical and products that are safe? I have liver disease so have to be careful. I currently use 7th Gen products, are they all chemical free? Laundry soap, dishwashing liquid and dishwasher products.