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On the Road to Running on Vegetable Oil

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Well, the first leg of the journey is complete. I recently purchased a 1983 Mercedes Diesel station Wagon with somewhere over 128,000 miles on it.

While the next step is the biofuel conversion, just the change to this car has been pretty significant. When you sit in the driver’s seat you feel as if you’re slipping into an antique arm chair. You sink into the depth of something that someone else has been sitting in for much of their life.

The car has very little pick up. This helps to remind me not to always be in a rush. Unlike newer cars, which tend to sort of cover up how fast you’re going, this car encourages you to drive slowly! There’s no CD player. The cassette player is broken. And the radio is full of static. Thus I enjoy a lot of silence. There’s a wonderful sunroof that operates manually. It was owned by only one person before me, and somehow the car seems full of history. More to come.