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Resolutions For A Happily Green New Year

Author: Seventh Generation

Welcome to 2013! It's a brand new year and a fresh chance to make a difference in the health of our families and the world we share. For most of us, that means committing to some New Year's resolutions, those time-honored promises that we'll do better where it counts. Here's the list that we've created at Seventh Generation. We invite you to make it yours as well.

  •   We resolve to be ever mindful of our carbon footprint, and to look for ways big and small to keep reducing it.
  •   We resolve to replace all our remaining incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, and to keep those lights off whenever possible.
  •   We resolve to drive less and to try and live car-free at least one day a week. We'll do this by combining all our weekly errands into a single trip and by walking, taking mass transit, carpooling, and riding our bikes whenever we can.
  •   We resolve to eat locally as much as possible and to go vegetarian at least one day a week, to reduce the impact of our diets on the atmosphere and the environment.
  •   We resolve to buy less stuff. Before we make a purchase, we will ask ourselves if we truly need the item, and investigate whether we can rent, borrow, or buy used instead.
  •   We resolve to cut our solid waste by 25% by increasing our recycling and composting efforts, and by buying products that create the least amount of trash.
  •   We resolve to spread the word about environmental issues and to encourage all efforts to do something about them.
  •   We resolve to remember that we are all in this together and that many of us could use a helping hand. We will actively seek out these neighbors and offer whatever assistance is within our means.
  •   We resolve to spend at least an hour a week outdoors, to appreciate the elegance and serenity of the natural world.
  •   We resolve to share this admiration for the outdoors with our children, families, and friends, and to help them understand why they should defend the Earth from harm.

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ak2tx2nc picture
I have a few simple ideas ... canvas bags for shopping and checking out your local farmers market. Try 7th Gen. dish soap. Its really bubbly and does a great job. And eco-friendly garbage bags. Your doing a great job, but I understand how you feel - improvements can always be made. I can't wait to hear more suggestions.
paceflower picture
We do CF bulbs, recycle, compost, rainbarrel, no A/C or heat from November1 - June 1, have one Prius, one traditional, use like a fiend (generally to offer, not want). 7th Generation laundry, cold water, Method dryer sheets, Dr. Bronner's in the shower, Burt's Bees on the hair, Tom's on the toothbrush. Oh, husband and man-child are vegetarians, which leads to several totally meat free days each week. (I'm still omnivorous, so I recognize the room for improvement there.) Being up close to my life, I don't have the benefit of distance to see where else I could make changes. Ideas, anyone?
katiesweb picture
I was encouraged to set some green goals among my new year's resolutions this year. The full list is on my blog:, but the one I'm most excited about is setting up a rainwater collection barrel! katie @thedundeewriter