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Recycling at Small Dog Electronics

Author: JerryE

In speaking of genius, Edison could have as easily been describing a future of electronics recycling as being "one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." There was nothing particularly ingenious about processing 5 tons per hour in a parking lot. Eager volunteers, equal parts veterans and rookies, divided into needed roles -- traffic directors, baggage unloaders, keyboard runners, mission controllers, food and beverage, CPU palletizers, gaylord assemblers.we all found a niche in our recycling village.

Seeking shady relief on a brilliantly clear day, I took my station onboard the Good Point Recycling trailer. The trailer was the destination for segregating the recycling misfits (TV and computer tubes too old to be refurbished and bound for landfill). It's amazing both how much is recovered and sad how much isn't. Delicacy and precision gave way to speed and abandon as TVs were slid across the truck floor on their convex faces and slung by their power cords atop the encroaching 10' wave of electronics. Astonishingly not one tube broke from either blunt force trauma or compaction. I suspect every volunteer's experience and perspective was different, but we all seemed united in the joy we held and the pride we took in working for such a worthwhile cause. Much as sailors resorted to sea shanties to wile away the work, we tube toters resorted to haiku:

Great weight to give back
Inside the Good Point trailer.
Hoist that tube! Heave Hope!

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