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Put the Heat on Congress to Deal with Global Meltdown

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Author: the Inkslinger

This just in… There’s a new petition from MoveOn asking Congress to do something meaningful (please!) about global warming right here right now.

Like most MoveOn efforts, it’s pretty simple. Add your name and a short message. Doesn’t take long. Everyone should do it. (These MoveOn things generate decent numbers and tend to get noticed more than most.)

Here’s my message:

Well, my congressional delegation fights the good fight at all times. But to the rest of you, I ask you to ask yourselves this: Will your legacy be that you let the life support systems of our world die and civilization crash on your watch while you squabbled about lesser matters? Or will it be that you rose to the occasion and did what had to be done to save the future and rescue our children's fading hopes?

Your choice. But the answer seems obvious to me. Please don't fail us. Everything is at stake. Be the one who sees that, too. Then be the one who has the courage and the wisdom to stop this suicidal madness in its tracks.

The e-mail I got said Al Gore himself will deliver the petition to Congress. I don’t see anything about that on the signing page, but it could happen. Either way, a whole bunch of somebody’s are going to see this. We should all make sure we’re a part of it.

When you’re done, get out your video camera and make a short video about the things you’re personally doing to shrink your carbon footprint and stop the global warming meltdown. Then head on over to our Convenient Truths contest and enter it. You’ll be glad you did, and everyone else will be glad you shared your ideas. When you get right down to it, that's really the only way we’re going to get out of this.