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The Politics of the Office Candy Bowl

Author: Walla

There is a woman in my of?ce who keeps a container of candy on her desk. Her of?cial title is Junior Account Executive but I think it's more likely that she's Satan's Chief Operating Officer.

We're not talking the bad kind of candy you buy in bulk: unknown brands, artificial ?avors, unusual colors. No, we're talking grade-A, blue ribbon, top drawer, varsity level candy: organic chocolate, locavore dried fruit, small-batch caramels. This, in an of?ce ?lled with women who are constantly on a diet. Every day we pass her desk like it's a toll booth.

Although she is the sweetest person imaginable, I treat her with the same level of affection that a calorie counter feels toward the bakery. Love. Need. Hate.

That doesn't, of course, keep me from hanging around her desk every day. "What a pretty necklace. Antique?" I ask while rooting around for the last square of chocolate. Or "Think it will rain later?" when I see her ?ll a plate with some home-baked delicacies. And "Wasn't that meeting ridiculous?" as I pluck two dried sugared pieces of pineapple for a mid-morning snack.

She pretends like we're best friends but I know better. She is toying with me. I try to resist. I bring a handful of almonds to ration during the day, drink lots of water, take deep breaths. But it is no use.

She is drawing me toward the dark side. I've never seen her snack on all that sugary goodness. And she's not the only one. Have you noticed that the people who keep candy jars on their desks are always the skinniest ones in the building? Not normal. Pay attention next time. And when you catch them smirking while you wipe chocolate from your face, don't say I didn't warn you.

But just in case you find you can't resist, you can burn serious calories cleaning your house. We recommend you use the natural formulas you'll find in Seventh Generation products.

photo: Sean Rogers


rafournier picture
I L O V E sweats and yes I am thin. There is a notion that sweats help up your metabolism and keep people like me thin! But ultimately we all must eat well and exercise regularly AND NO that doesn't mean killing yourself -at the gym. It may just mean talking a walk before you get home or after diner which is even better. Walking after you eat helps move things along. Also limiting your portions on your plate. Just put back a couple of spoon fulls of food from your plate. That alone will save many calories each night and through-out the year. And yes, you Need to treat yourself to something goood once a week! your friend, raf4
10ftdoll picture
We have a few ladies in our office that have well-stocked candy jars at all times. I think those candies are mostly for our snacking pleasure. But I'm quite lucky that I have learned to not partake. Although I've learned that sugar is an addiction and if I stopped eating it, I will not crave it, I still treat myself once in a while with raw dark chocolate truffles made by a company in North Carolina. My philosophy is buy the best, have a little and be satisfied. In any case, there's a certain person that we do business with at work that always brings goodies when she stops by the office. Cookies, donuts, chocolate, cupcakes and such. And guess what, she's so tiny! It's hard for me to imagine her eating any of this stuff. Every time I see an email from our receptionist notifying us of the arrival of these sweet treats, I don't even bother to open it. I just delete it immediately. Sometimes I wonder if she's trying to live her fantasy of eating all this junk through us folks that love sugar. I think it's twisted!
tvland2004 picture
I absolutely loved this story. I fully understand, been there done that. LOL....the skinniest people with the candy are always the most loving, sharing types toooo...
amylynnmunz picture
I think there is nothing wrong w/ someone having candy at her desk. I you are on a diet don't eat the candy. She is not walking to your desk offering it to you. You are the one walking over to her to get a piece of candy. Don't do it stay at your desk ,keep walking,or just don't take a piece. Use some will power.alf