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The Plan to Save the World

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Sir Nicholas Stern, the U.K. government’s advisor on economics and climate change has delivered a 600-page report that outlines a simple fact: the cost to stop global warming is a fraction of what it will cost if we allow climate change to occur.

But even with the efforts underway, we’re not doing nearly enough. Recently, George Monbiot, author of the new book
Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning laid out a plan to dramatically accelerate our progress in reducing CO2 emissions. It’s creative, daring, and just the kind of out of the box thinking we desperately need. His thoughts
appeared in the Guardian, UK’s famously progressive paper. Check it out! With the Democrats now controlling the House and the Senate, let’s hope these ideas and others like them get the attention they deserve and that our nation begins to take the lead on most important issue of this or any other age.