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Periscope Up…

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Author: the Inkslinger

Midweek arrives. Time for a scan of the distant horizon to spot approaching signs and incoming indications. Must peer out into the virtual firmament and across the murky ether that separates tomorrow from today to see what may soon come this way. Is the periscope predictive? Perhaps. Even the biggest of changes starts with the smallest of whispers. But not every whisper becomes a shout. We can only listen, watch, and wait, and navigate the waters immediately ahead to the best of our ability and on the course that the persicope at present says will steer us closer to truth and how to act upon it. The view may change. The course may need correction. But for now, this is what the eyepiece sees…

San Francisco’s got a brand new bag. And it better be biodegradable. Definitely an idea to get to-go and carry elsewhere.

To bee or not to bee, that is the question. The other question is whether or not genetically modifed crops are what’s causing them all to bee gone.

Low impact!? What about no impact? Let’s hope it won’t come to that or this, that we’ll find a way to do sustainably rather than do completely without, but an interesting experiment in possibilities nonetheless.

Oops! They did it again! Reticent [insert type] industry cites [insert bogus self-sponsored study] and says [insert latest necessary good idea] will cost way too much to do. [Insert type] industry is soon proven [insert adverb] wrong by [insert organization name] which found [insert actual facts]. Bet you won’t find that on any label…

Wait a minute… I thought soap was supposed to be clean! Guess it depends on what’s inside. (Go here for the source of all the suds.)