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Patience is a Virtue

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Author: Lara Petersen

That’s a saying I heard a lot growing up – ever the eager child looking for immediate results. I always answered with the same smart-aleck response: “well, MY middle name is a virtue!” But at the time I didn’t really know what “Faith” meant either. I think eventually I grew to learn the meaning of my middle name, but like a lot of us I still struggle with practicing faith as well as having patience.

(Oh crap, she’s gotten preachy on us.) “WHO is going to Change It?! Blog about that!” you say. Nope, sorry, can’t. Not until the verdicts are all in. But let me tell you a bit more about the process so far, about patience and faith, and how it all relates to our current stage in the application process for the 2007 Change It program.

Memorial Day weekend was part of my ninety-hour work-week reading Change It applications. I was so committed to getting them done as quickly as I could (no patience) that I didn’t shower, barely slept, missed a few Red Sox games on the boob-tube and even skipped my own kickball game (we have an adult kickball league here in Burlington – although I think I’m worse at it now than I was in 2nd grade!).

The point is that I really felt as though I needed every minute I could find to finish reading the applications in time. I wouldn’t say I’m a slow reader, so much as conscientious…I agonized over every single essay answer – 10 per applicant. I kept second-guessing the scores I was giving (oh ME of little faith), and revisiting the acceptance criteria to be sure I was calculating correctly.

But since then I’ve read a few amazing comments made in response to another blog post on the Change It site. Ilana Somasunderam said, “Even if we're not chosen, that doesn't mean we can’t be part of the change!!” And Tom Taylor added “Best of fortune to all those who will make it, and those who won't. If your resolve to make a change is strong, then you'll do your best, with or without Change It's program.” And from Tara Y.: “I know that even if I don’t get picked, I will continue to be right with you guys fighting for the environment and the animals for the rest of my life!”

These comments helped me find faith that each one of the amazing 1,260 students who applied to Change It this year will indeed go on to be powerful leaders for social and environmental justice in their lifetimes – regardless of the program we’re putting together this summer. So it’s with these bloggers’ comments and my new found faith that I was able to gain some perspective and let go of my second-guessing nature.

Finally finished, my scores went off to be added to the others for Greenpeace to tally and mathematically select the final 200 participants (I must have faith that they are meant to be chosen). And then the 200 selected applicants are being invited by email (on a rolling basis), to attend Change It.

Once we have all (or maybe just most) of the 200 spots offered, accepted and confirmed we will announce the list of Change It 2007 participants on this site. I’m hoping we’ll have more names posted on the Participants Page on or before the 15th of June. So please, have patience.