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Out of the In-Box

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Author: the Inkslinger

Time to empty out the in-box and see what riches the gods of information have deigned to deliver unto us upon the quivering wires…

Carbon labeling is coming to a product near you. And about time, too. We label for just about everything else under the sun but until now we’ve overlooked what’s by far the biggest elephant in the better shopping room. It’ll take ahwile for these labels to become ubiquitous, but this pachyderm is loose at last and there’s no closing the barn doors now.

By way of Treehugger comes this cool list from Coop America of 21 things you didn’t know you could recycle that’s definitely worth recycling here.

As a big tiger fan (and I’m not talking baseball), I’m encouraged by the news from India that a bunch of these big beautiful cats have just been discovered
in a mountainous jungle region some 30 years after experts thought they’d gone locally extinct. Proof that when we have the wisdom to leave well enough alone, Nature is quick to bounce back.

Rachel’s Precaution Reporter
is always a good source of early warning signs we’d all be smart to heed where consumer products and technologies are concerned. The new issue is no exception, and in fact, it’s packed with so much important information about so many things that you should really just read the whole thing.

Finally, unnamed sources deep within the organization have alerted me to an Official Hollender Mention in the new Cro Blog(where “cro” is short for corporate responsibility officer). And as an aside, can I just say that I find it more than a little spooky that Jeffrey rang me up just as I was typing his name. Sometimes he’s a little too tuned in...