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Our New Corporate Consciousness Report


Corporate Responsibility 2008We are pleased to announce that our 2008 CC Report is complete and ready for your review. We are happy to report great progress in becoming more "sustainable" in 2008. We invite you to take some time and review the report. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, let us know by sending an email to responsibility@seventhgeneration.com.

What's new this year in our reporting? A partnership with Justmeans.com to crowdsource a book on sustainability.

We are working with Justmeans.com to promote how the growing breed of good companies can work in concert to help shift business as we now know it. We believe many of you represent a number of great companies out there doing "good work" that is moving the bar on what CSR/sustainability can become.

Through the Justmeans site, we want to crowdsource an online book documenting the innovative CSR/sustainability work you all are doing. The purpose of the book -- which will incorporate your comments -- is to become a guide to help companies choose opportunities to create products and services that deliver a Return on Purpose as well as a Return on Investment.