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Our Dishwasher Gel Gets Even Better

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Author: daron

We are pleased to announce that our Automatic Dishwasher Gel is now a food-blasting, shine-generating, non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate-free powerhouse. Plus, you don't have to rinse your dishes clean before they go into the dishwasher -- our gel does all the work for you.

Here's the science: Our new formula features food cleaning enzymes that perform better when removing food and stains from dishes. As well, we're proud to announce a Free & Clear version of our Dishwasher Gel, which joins our original Lemon scent

We hope you'll give our Dishwasher Gel a try! For tips on how to load a dishwasher, click here.


debbiemary picture
Hi, I plan to start using your Automatic Dishwasher Gel, as your powdered version seems to leave an "ashy" residue, on our dishes. We live in the mountains, east of Bakersfield, in Southern CA and I believe we have hard water. I am a big fan of your products and prefer them over others. Are you still making the chlorine free disposable diapers in all sizes? Where can I buy your training pants? I mainly shop at LASSENS Natural Foods, Bakersfield, CA. Does Seventh Generation make a product to keep septics clean and clear? Thank you for all that you do in defense of Mother Earth. Deborah Taylor-Jackson debbiemary12@yahoo.com Tehachapi, CA