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Our 1st Guest Blogger from the Change It Program


Hi there, my name is Dr. Jacques, Ph. D. and I am an esteemed member
of the Sweet River University faculty in Sweet River, Esperanza. I
care about climate change and I want to help bring clean energy to
Sweet River University....

Actually, I'm a student member of the Seventh Generation/ Greenpeace
Change It seminar, but I really do care about climate change. For the
past several days most of our engaging discussions and debates
have been focusing on our pseudo campaign we have started regarding
climate change and clean energy at fictional Sweet River University
(I get so into my role that I actually forget that I am at Catholic University in
Washington, D.C. and not in Sweet River).

So I am really a student from a small northeastern liberal arts
college, interested in promoting social justice and helping the
environment. And right now - right at this moment, I am inspired. The
positive "do-wonderful-things-and-help-change-the-world" atmosphere is
present everywhere here, which I think is simply wonderful. Like I
said before, I am inspired and I want to do something - I want to
bring what I've learned already home, and start putting it into
action. Even though it is only the beginning of our third day here, I
feel like I have learned so much valuable information that I can take
back and directly implement at my college. I am currently a leader of
a group on my campus called Students Advocating Change, which strives
to alleviate social injustices in the area. We are newly formed and
just getting off the ground, so while we have the right attitude to
make these changes happen, we don't necessarily know how to go about
that....which is where our training here at the Change It seminar
comes in. We learned today the ins and outs of planning an event
(which, trust me, my group has run into many problems with in the
past) and how to talk to the media....All in all, this place is full
of wonderful people and wonderful lectures. We're making change and I
am really excited about what's to come later in the week - we'll be
visiting the Capitol and putting into effect Greenpeace's latest
campaign Project Hot Seat.

Thanks 7th Gen & Greenpeace!!!