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Oops... Tire Burn Rally Wrongly Reported

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Author: the Inkslinger

Here's a photo from Saturday's anti-Tire Burn Rally on the Green in Middlebury, Vermont:

What's wrong with this picture? Well, there's no rally in it for one thing. And why might this be, the inquiring protagonist asks? Because the local media report on the rally from which yours truly drew last weeks post got the date wrong and I never verified this important bit of inadvertant misinformation, that's why. My mistake and my humble apologies to anyone who actually turned out for the invisible event this past Saturday. To quote Getrude Stein, there was no there there. On the plus side, however, it was a nice day to suddenly find oneself with nothing to do and the coffee in Carol's Hungry Mind Cafe was quite good.

The actual real correct now-properly-verified date for the tire burn rally is this Saturday the 28th from noon to 3:00 on the Middlebury town green. Really. I swear. If there's no rally on the green this Saturday, International Paper can burn my collection of Neko Case CDs for power...