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Once More Around the Blogosphere:

Author: Kendra Sibilia

As I’ve said in previous posts, Seventh Generation is not just a product but an idea. To continue with this idea, there is always a mind behind an idea. Jeffrey Hollender is that mind for Seventh Generation. All of his hard work, incredible values and intellect are not solely appreciated by the employees, bloggers also notice. CSRFanatic’s latest post expresses appreciation for Jeffrey.

“He sets a high standard for building an enduring a great company through his unwavering dedication not to compromise the company’s vision and mission.”

CSRFanatic includes many excerpts from other websites and magazine articles that support his conclusion. Jeffrey stands by his values and makes it look so easy to stand strong against all negative influences. Keep up the good work, you set an amazing example!

Next I have a little story for you. A Seventh Generation consumer close to me e-mailed me a story involving a Seventh Generation product. Although I didn’t find this material in the blog world, it still involves the customers.

“I cut my foot stacking wood in our house in Vermont during a cold spell when our water pipes were frozen. We didn’t have any water in the house. The only thing I could use to clean and kill the germs on the wound was Seventh Generation kitchen cleaner, citrus scent. It worked. The wound was cleaned and the slight 'sting' went away quickly. We will continue to use the kitchen cleaner for household use, but realize that there are other safe uses.
Thank you Seventh G.”

As a result of all of the ingredients in Seventh Generation’s products being safe and natural, there is no need to worry about being contaminated by the product. It actually helps you!

You’re probably reading this post thinking, “Wow. She only chooses to write about the positive aspects of Seventh Generation. That company must think they’re perfect.” The Inspired Protagonist has even gotten some criticism about being a self-righteous blog. Well, we’re not perfect, and here is a blog I came across that had a little laugh on our expense. On oinkledoinkle, Carrotjello writes about products that have bad names You can guess who the company was this week. There were comments thrown around like:

“To make thing worse, these diapers are unbleached, and are yellow in color. Making them even more convincing that they have been handed down from generation to generation. Honestly, they look like disposable diapers that your baby has already peed in.”

I think the idea of Seventh Generation was missed, either way we were the butt of that joke.

Well that was another week in the blogosphere. And what did we learn this week? That Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner not only cleans your house, but your boo boos too! Hope you enjoyed.