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Odds and Ends From Out There

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Author: the Inkslinger

Random objects of actionable reflection are careening in large number across my perennially cluttered plane of existence this fine morning. All you have to do is reach out with a net and see what you catch. Here’s a few I just reeled in:

A cool and surprisingly extensive article in today’s New York Times details the writer’s attempts to go on an energy diet and trim his family’s contribution to global warming by half a ton. The piece is filled with good ideas and makes the single most important point there is to be made about this spooky issue : When it comes to climate change, it’s often the little things we do that count the most.

MoveOn has sent me an e-mail reminding us all that voter registration deadlines are nigh upon us. At the present intersection of time and space, voting this November is about the most important single act any of us can perform on behalf of a world in desperate need of serious change. A Wow-That-Was-Easy website website from our friends at Working Assets makes voter registration ridiculously quick and simple to do. Even if you think, know, and/or are absolutely 100% completely positive that you’re registered, it’s a good idea to register again in order to make certain in our current age of election day hijinx that you can exercise your right to vote. It is not a crime to re-register as long as you only vote in one place. It’s just a confirmation thing. Everyone should do it right now. And then everybody should vote on November 7th.

Lastly, it’s been brought to my ever-wandering attention that several of the most important non-profit eco-orgs around are doing a little badly needed fundraising. The Science and Environmental Health Network is a leading proponent of the Precautionary Principle and must take much of the credit for bringing this important idea to the public consciousness and keeping it there. Give here and give now. Then there's the Environmental Research Foundation, which is responsible for uncovering and disseminating so much important science and advancing so many crucial ideas that they’ve become a national enviro-treasure. Make a contribution right here and keep the mojo moving. Finally, there’s SmartMeme, a group which can best be described as the marketing and PR firm that’s on our side countering the spin and distortions with dose after dose of well-crafted truth that gets attention and changes minds. Help them spread the messages that need spreading in clever ways that work by providing some financial aid at this spot on your e-dial. Seriously, these are three critical groups working tirelessly to see that our side prevails in a must-win game. If you’ve got any spare change at all, no matter what the amount, there are no better places to bank it for tomorrow.