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Notes From a Media Junkie

Author: the Inkslinger

A couple of random media notes of possible interest…

The new season of Living with Ed premiered last weekend on HGTV. I missed the first season, so I’m kind of behind on the whole Ed concept, but the basic idea is we follow actor and hardcore enviro-dude Ed Begley, Jr. around as he leads a seriously green life. Where last season trailed him at home, this season apparently tags along as as he eco-audits celebrity pals and helps them go green. It’s more interesting than I thought it would be, and I am very amused by Ed’s exasperated wife who is less than enthused by but nonetheless tolerant of Ed’s deep green habits. It’s worth watching if you have HGTV. Years ago, when Seventh Gen was a catalog, and I was one of its customer service reps, and Ed was one of its customers, he and I had a nice long talk about what was then his radical green lifestyle. He’s a great guy who walks the talk. I bet he’s converted half of Hollywood …

Also found an interesting new website blog thing called the Daily Green. It’s one of those catch-all sites that covers all the green bases, but it’s got a nice look and a lot of the content is pretty interesting. (I like the weird weather climate crisis photo blog. A novel way to bring the point that something’s up banging home.) The site is from the Hearst Corporation, so I’m instinctively a little suspicious. (Can’t ever seem to quite bring myself to instantly and automatically trust the output of giant multinational corporations whatever that output might be). Still, on first glance, this one seems kosher. Time will tell…