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New Overnight Diapers Promise Peaceful Nights, Happy Travels

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is ringing in the New Year with a special treat for little bottoms (and the parents who change them). Our NEW, Lorax-Approved, Free & Clear Overnight Diapers are our most absorbent yet, with the extra protection sweet dreams and cheerful excursions demand. 

Like our baby-delighting diapers and training pants, Free & Clear Overnights are free of fragrances, latex, chlorine, and petroleum-based lotions. And Free & Clear Overnights are our most absorbent diapers yet.

New Free & Clear Overnights are available in sizes 4-6 and feature delightful, limited-edition Lorax prints to celebrate Seventh Generation's partnership with NBC universal in the cinematic debut of Dr. Seuss' The LORAX, premiering in theatres worldwide on March 2, 2012.

Free & Clear Overnights with limited-edition Lorax prints are now available on,, and directly from Seventh Generation.


The movie Dr. Seuss' The Lorax © 2012 Universal Studios. Based on The Lorax book and characters™ & ©1971 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.  All Rights Reserved.


esoteric0ne picture
Why aren't there overnights for size 2 and 3??? My son just started wetting through his size 2's. I do NOT want to stop using Seventh Generation but changing the sheets every night/morning is getting OLD!!!
ryankopet picture
I am sure most everyone reading this has had some sort of diaper battle while finding the best for their kid--- whether it be size, stinkiness, chlorine issues, or those weird gel things left behind by other brands. I too thought Seventh Generation better for many reasons, one being because it didn't have stuff printed all over it because that's for mom's benefit, right? What kid looks at their diaper all day? I just don't want to see Bert and Ernie all the time. Its not making my diaper experience more pleasurable. But what is the big deal. If you aren't taking your kid to see the Lorax movie, you don't have Lorax hanging on a poster in your house, do you think your kid even notices? Chill out people. If we are going to get mad at Seventh Generation for something, lets pick something that matters---- We are paying a bloody fortune for the diapers in comparison to every other brand. I am tired of paying $12 a package to see my friends buy $10 packages with a higher quantity of diapers in them AND THEN have a coupon that may or may not double to go with it. Seventh Generation, we love you. We do. or we wouldn't pay so much. But for the love of pete, give us a coupon or something. This is ridiculous. If you have less additives, less bleaching, less stuff, shouldn't your diaper be CHEAPER, not more EXPENSIVE? Your company is clearly excited to make more money by agreeing to a partnership. Eventually your customers are going to give up on you over cost paired with you selling out. I am potty training right now to get out of your diapers because of the cost (my kid is 17 months and we are super close to being done with you). That being said, best diapers out there.
IvysMama2010 picture
If you're here commenting about how "important" your latest pet issue with "commercialism" is and how your children "aren't for sale" etc etc, then I'm VERY happy for you. You clearly have NOTHING more pressing to worry your little hearts. I'm very happy that there is a chlorine-free training pant and an overnight diaper in my daughter's size. I could care less if it has a picture of a cartoon character on it. What on EARTH that has to do with your child being "for sale", I have no idea. Its self-important posturing at best. I'm so so so tired of every single last aspect of every single product ever sold in any store being scrutinized down to what cartoon character is on the outside of a disposable diaper by every self-important, egotistical, "not my child" mother out there. Grow up! You, and your child, while important, are not THAT important. You aren't raising Buddha. You aren't raising Gandhi. And your kid probably picks his nose and licks the floor like the rest of our babies. I've used literally EVERY single diaper in Creation on my child, even cloth, and we've experienced rashes and irritation with both. She and I share both an ample rear end and raging eczema, we have issues with both coverage and content of her diapers. That being said, the diapers that have given us the least trouble are these: chlorine-free. I know I'm going to blow someone's mind here, but these are DIAPERS...full of PEE and POOP. If you had to walk around in panties that you'd peed in, or pooped on, you'd eventually experience some type of irritation, too. Even if your panties were all-natural, organically-grown, free-trade, vegan-approved, crunchy, holy cotton. Its fecal matter and nitrogenous waste. Our skin wasn't meant to handle that kind of material being rubbed up against it for long periods of time. And again, more mind-blowing here, but little people eat things that contain acids and bases. That means that the pH level of their pee and poo changes from time to time, even if they're exclusively breast-fed, because the person who owns the breast eats acids and bases. SO before you blame your diaper, or the company who made it, or the government, or global-warming, or any other highly misunderstood hippie catch-phrase, try changing the diaper more often, and keeping them dryer and cleaner. Or try changing their diet if it persists. Diapers were meant to catch the poop and pee, not hold it indefinitely. I'm so so tired of hearing some holier-than-thou, pampered, western mom moaning and whining about some non-issue like the character on the outside of a diaper. 50,000 children starved to death last night, and you really think the forefront of human and environmental rights is whether 7th Gen has Lorax on the outside of its new overnight diapers? Shame on you. Heck, shame on ME for giving you this much of MY time. But seriously, I'm tired of hearing your self-important, irrelevant crap. You're not raising a monarch, here, and those of us who don't have the luxury of whining about such things are tired of hearing what bad parents we are, and what bad companies we patronize, over something as stupid and irrelevant as this. Thank you.
lahaina73 picture
I think that those people who are comenting on the fact that Seventh Generation is partnering with Dr. Suess is ridiculous. Who cares! As long as the diapers stay the same and do the job they have been doing, does it really matter that they put a little strip of Lorax across the front of the diaper. I mean come on, most of us have clothes on our kids so they are not being used as billboards. I think some people need to just grow up and stop being so negative. I use cloth at home but while visiting my family out of town I choose SG, and they work great no leaks. I am excited to try the overnight diapers, i hope they come to a store near me soon. My son pees a lot at night so I would like to see how well they work. All this fuss over a silly Lorax?
darcydhaney picture
Why just sizes 4-6? My barely size 2 baby pees through her diapers as night too!
skazm picture
I'm going to try these - I was so fed up with the 7G leaking all the time that I was considering going to 'chemical' at night but I can't stand the gel crumbs of the other diapers - they make me think I am harming my kid so I just got a bigger size and lived with it. I generally use cloth during the day and to have mercy on ourselves at night, just use disposable. If these work I'll be really happy.
janesalmon picture
Don't really care about the Lorax, but if it helps lower the price of the diapers I'm all for it. I pay more because I want a quality product on my son that's not loaded with chemicals and perfumes. He likes the "1, 2, Tree" graphic just fine. I would like to know if you plan to offer an overnight training pant for older kids. My son only needs something at night since he will wet the bed, but is fully trained otherwise. Luckily the training pants in the 4/5 still fit him but they will occasionally leak. I will eventually need a larger size and I really don't want to go to a different product such as "underjams" etc.
annbewley picture
After looking at all of the trashy diapers our there, I decided to go the cloth diaper route just before my baby girl was born. She is now 5 months old and I can proudly say she has never had diaper rash or any other skin irritation, no chemical smells after urination and no tacky cartoon characters. It is doable (My husband and I both work full time) and so much better for your baby. She is in daycare and they happily accommodate her cloth diapers. If you are sick and tired of "ecofriendly" disposables not holding up to your standards, go for the cloth. You won't regret it.
Elizabeth Culbert picture
Elizabeth Culbert
I too was annoyed to open a package of diapers and find the Lorax advertisement printed on it. I liked Seventh Generation better before it hooked up with big media. Ugh.
bekoshun picture
C'mon people... Do you buy Seventh Generation products because they are eco-friendly, green and safer for our kids, or because they were free of cartoon advertising on their products? Think about it. And I'm sure your kids will enjoy seeing a fun character on their diapers instead an non-stimulating off white hue. Seriously.
jbikel picture
I was excited to see that 7th Generation has finally released an overnight diaper. But very, very dissapointed to find it to is a vehicle for commercialism. I am so very upset that ruined a perfectly good greener product for me with this junk. What next? Added stinky perfume? My kids are NOT for sale.
jaynjenny1 picture
Oh for pity sake, who really cares? We buy the product for what it does not for what is says. And if the consumer has a problem with it then find another product to use or stock up on the product that does not show the advertisement.
jasimo picture
The Seventh Generation marketing message (wholesome, alternative to commercial diapers) is not consistent with this kind of advertising (tacky Hollywood movie advertisements). I wrote to the Seventh Gen PR team and they responded that they thought their customers would enjoy the ads. How dumb do they think we are? Ugh!
BrandtKurowski picture
After grabbing my usual trusty pack of 7Gen training pants at the store without looking twice, I was shocked when I got them home and discovered them covered in advertising for a movie (and presumably toys before long). It's irrelevant to me that it's a Dr Seuss story with a message about the environment. The bottom line is that 7Gen sees fit to put advertisements on my kids, and to help Universal Studios sell its wares to my kids. I expected better, and now have to reconsider my loyalty to your brand.
Robin_Michelle21 picture
I just purchased my first seventh gen diapers from and are expecting them here on Wednesday. I purchased them in hopes of Finding a diaper that my son could actually wear and not break out, He has contact dermatitis. Personally, I don't mind the characters on the diaper, if it had bozo the clown on them but kept his tale clear I would get them. I don't really see having characters on a diaper as advertising, after all who really sees a diaper, I usually take my kid out fully clothed. :) seeing characters on a diaper has never made me think "wow, I should really go out buy a (insert random character) movie/merchandise" nor does my kid care what's on his diaper. To me having a plain diaper is even more of an advertisement because all other diapers have some kind of a characters, very few sposies, I can only think of two, are plain. To me that would be the attention grabber! Folks should really lighten up on the "limited edition" prints, notice it said LIMITED, usually that means only available for a short period of time. :)
AnnaHagans picture
Love the new design. To PP, advertisements, unfortunately in this day and age, allow great products and companies such as 7th Gen. to keep costs at a reasonable level. And I don't know what parent would NOT support Dr. Seuss in any way, shape or form. If you have that big of an issue with it, why "pay" for "tacky" things and go cloth?
jasimo picture
Do you really need to have advertisements for Lorax printed on your diapers? Is my baby a billboard for the Lorax movie? Dont i pay enough for your products? How much revenue did you generate from this partnership? Do you think your customer base approves of this commercial and tacky form of marketing? Jill