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Natural Markets Still Lead the Way

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation EndcapWhen I was a kid, processed foods were all the rage. TV dinners were haute cuisine and spray cheese the trendy appetizer. I felt sorry for my country cousins, whose parents made brownies from scratch instead of the nifty mixes my mother brought home from the supermarket.

Then a handful of hippies in town opened a "health food store," and my world got rocked. They actually talked to you about where your food came from, and they encouraged you to try natural personal care and cleaning products -- revolutionary ideas at the time. And once you realized there was another, better way, there was no turning back.

In the decades since, those health food pioneers have grown into the natural food, healthy, and beauty markets we know today. Most are a whole lot shinier, a whole lot bigger, and offer an array of products unimaginable all those years ago. But underneath the gloss, they remain much the same -- they are still leading the way in educating us about the power of locally-grown and organic ingredients, natural cleaning products, and other good-for-you-good-for-the-environment bounty.

At their heart, natural food markets are an unbounded celebration of Earth's sacred gift of sustenance, and that's really why we love them. As we mark Earth Month, we encourage you to visit a natural food store near you to thank them for starting the movement, and for continuing to educate us all.

To celebrate Earth Month, many health food stores will be offering great values on their products, including those from Seventh Generation. The above photo is a special promotion on our cleaning and personal care products at New Frontiers Natural Foods in San Luis Obispo, California.

To find a health food store near you, visit our Storefinder.

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