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My Friday With the Big O: Oprah Goes Green

Author: the Inkslinger

When people ask me how I spend my days as a writer who largely works out of his home, my joke has always been that I really just sit around the house all day smoking cigars and watching Oprah in my boxers. So it’s more than a little ironic to have actually just finished watching Oprah (albeit fully dressed and sans cigar) as part of my official duties.

Oprah is alright in my book. She stood up to the Texas beef boys
and told them where they could put their crazy food libel laws. She’s pushed some quality literature to the masses via her book club. And she generally doesn’t shy away from the tough issues nor dumb anything down too much. I think she builds a lot of critical awareness of key issues among ordinary Americans who are often too busy to do it by themselves.

Her Earth Day edition show, which featured our products in several segments and just finished airing here in Vermont performed that service for green living. It was like one of those 50-simple-things-you-can-do books transformed into an hour TV show. Nothing too deep green, but lots of good, useful ideas along with well-stated rationales for making the suggested changes.

I was surprised by how well Oprah packed so much solid, important info into such a short time, Among the Seventh Gen-oriented highlights:

  • Sheryl Crow holding aloft a box of Seventh facial tissues while championing recycled paper products with Laurie David. Quite cool (Although, on a sad personal note, this is close as I’m ever likely to get to these two very smart, very talented women.)!
  • After a video segment on a family who switched to healthy cleaners after their son contracted asthma,Treehugger’s
    Simran Sethi practically did an infomercial for our stuff as part of a big segment on green cleaning. And yes… Oprah sniffed the toilet cleaner. (Never thought I’d be writing that sentence…) Thanks, Simran!
  • We got a little cameo during a grocery store segment, where our stuff appeared in the background on one of the shots
  • Simran used a bottle of our laundry liquid as a demo in a segment on recycling and recycling symbols.

Oprah gets big points for displaying a large amount of passion for green living during the program. She seemed to genuinely care about the issues and was continually urging viewers to take the steps they were discussing on the show. She made green living look easy and relatively sacrifice-free, which it is. Her attitude was great and very empowering. And she kept pausing to issue calls to action and spur her viewers to change. Simran, who was a de facto co-host for the hour, also made it look easy and even fun. She displayed absolutely boundless enthusiasm for the ideas being discussed. It was quite infectious. She’s a perfect green spokesperson who I hope we see more of.

So there it was. We were on Oprah. But far more importantly, the environment was on Oprah and there can be no doubt that that’s a huge win for a healthier world.

P.S. A special welcome to anyone and everyone who may have found there way here after we appeared on today’s Oprah show. We’re glad to have you join us. Please feel free look around, share your thoughts, and join the fray. We hope you’ll bookmark us and return often!