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My Being Needs a New Iteration

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Life is in a constant state of change whether we like it or not. Who I was last year – even last month – is not who I need to be tomorrow. This is true of everyone who is comitted to their own personal growth and development. If you are running a business or organization of any type it’s something that you simply must keep in mind. If your business is growing like ours it's critical. Here are my most recent reflections, my thoughts on where I need to be next. I share it in the hopes that in some way it might help move you to your next stage of being.

My being needs a new iteration

More being, less meeting
More questions, less answers
More focus on the future
Less focus on how to get there
More people saying no to me
Less people saying “yes boss”
More integrated singularity
Less dispersion
More reflection
Less reaction
More conscious observing my creativity
Less throwing shit up against the wall
More joy & laughter
Less stress

More clarity on how I add the most value through:
- development of the senior management team
- providing vision, focus and stragetic direction
- exploring the world to harvest new ideas to fuel the growth & development of the company
- as a spokesperson, author and inspired protagonist to key partners and the Seventh Generation Nation

Purpose statement:
To build & leverage developmental relationships with-in our community, with key trading partners and with the Seventh Generation Nation
In a way that accelerates my own growth and the growth of all those I engage with
So that we exponentially improve our effectiveness at leveraging the power of our business to create a world of peace, love, equity and justice.