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Mowing the lawn...and more

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What’s you’re ‘lawn carbon footprint’? I started thinking about how much time was being spent mowing and how bad lawn mowers are for emissions. Some lawn mowers spew out as much CO2 as thirty cars. So I stopped mowing! The grass got really tall and I decided to make hay bales out of it. I bought a manual push mower to do around the house, and we hay the rest of the old lawn with a slightly used New Holland baler.

My commute…Driving a pickup in Vermont was a very practical vehicle in my experience… except that now it costs $100 a week to get to work! So I bought a little (non-hybrid) car that gets three times the mileage and reduced my carbon emissions by a third there.

Conclusion – Even if you take into account the up front costs to the changes we made, there is certainly well over $100 in monthly savings. The payback will be different for each household, but it’s a step in the right direction. We also feel that there’s a third less in carbon emissions related to our electrical draw, and a third less propane related carbon emissions by burning wood. Wood is good, it’s ‘new carbon’!

You don’t have to eat dinner by candle light ( though not a bad idea occasionally ) and you don’t have to shiver doing so. We throw another log on the fire and take out the homemade beeswax candles.

I reduced my carbon footprint by 30% in two years, so there is no reason that you can’t reduce yours by 20% in three. Dan