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Moving to Organic and Bio-dynamic scents in 7th Gen products

Author: Gregor

Eva-Marie Lind, CEO of EM Studios, AROME, was at 7th Gen today helping us think through new designs in organic and bio-dynamic scents for our product line. Eva-Marie is a specialist in aromatic and medicinal plants. The focus of her work is the science, aesthetic and formulation of cutting edge and authentic whole scent designs. It was an amazing experience to sit in the midst of subtle and very organic scents. There was a very profound story behind each scent - a story of the nature that the scent held and revealed - a story that we want people to see and hear when they use our products...

Telling stories that live alive in the moment and in the imagination is a gift...I think we all lived alive all day. Eva-Marie sent me the following story of a point in her life:

When I did one of my summer apprenticeships in teaching middle school I
created a classroom in the russian style of story telling - whereby
children would have but one picture to relate to as the story was told.
In those days I used to do alot of pen and ink sketching and took
upon the challenge of sketching one of the primary components of the

It sounds easy - however actually it was a bit difficult - one had to
think on the full of their audience, for to each member the "central"
theme could be quite different - and that picture had to have an impact
to integrate the audience to the performance, which was the "telling".

Storytelling has always been fascinating to me, infused at an early
age by Welsh and Irish family members who innately had the gene - I
think it was one of the draws for me, beyond others of the Waldorf
teaching methods - and I have been unusually fortunate to have friends
and teachers like Krishna who brought their own stories of life and
culture into my world!

We move so quickly as a culture these days - perhaps a story now and
then forces us to slow down a little? You are now the keeper of a new
story Gregor - and I think the best always is to pass it on :) for it
will touch who it is meant to - some who would expect it to and others
it will surprise!

Beauty - EM

Thank you, ma'am...