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More From Marci on Hitching Her Way to a Cooler World

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Author: the Inkslinger

Marci Young, star of our most recent video and climate change-fighting hero, posted this note to our comments section. But after reading it, we thought it deserved to be a full-fledged post in its own right (write?). So we’re making it one. Here’s Marci’s response to the thoughts you’ve been sending our way…

My Friends,

Thank you for getting involved and sending comments to the Inspired Protagonist Blog.

First of all, I would like to remind you all that I live at 45 degrees north latitude, e.g. I live as close to the (albeit melting) North Pole as I do the equator.

While because of the unusually warm winter we haven't had much snow yet this year, last week I did wipe out on my mountain bike on ice during the first mile of my commute, which I do cycle because it isn't any good for hitchhiking.

On top of the facts that 40 miles round trip is 200 miles a week and about 11 hours of travel time by bike. Now that would inspire me! :-)

For those safety skeptics, did you miss the part in the video where I said I took a women's self defense course taught by state police? I AM taking this all quite seriously.

Now on to some heart of the discussion - I LOVE HITCHHIKING! Why? Because it is where the school of life happens. This morning, I got picked up by a man - I sat in the back seat because he wheel chair took up his front passenger seat. I asked him where he was off to and he said to a doctor's appointment. It took a bit on my part to refrain from asking, "Can't you find a doctor closer than an hour's drive (each way) away!"

After today, I consider this man in my "community". Social problems, IMHO, are caused by a breakdown in the social fabric. I am just the seamstress trying to repair the tear in that fabric. Monday, a woman from my neighborhood that I don't know well, picked me up. When she got to her destination, she offered to bring me to mine since it was pouring out, even tho it was out of her way. I told her I couldn't accept on environmental grounds, tho I appreciated the offer. She persisted and I relented ~ hypocritical? Perhaps. The right thing to do? Absolutely! She felt good about being generous. I arrived at work dry and appreciated her generosity immensely. We have fostered our neighborhood relationship. The day after I got picked up by a woman who works at the same agency I have for the past twelve 12 years. The ensuing 15 minute conversation enroute to work was the longest we've had to date ~ I hazard to guess that it won't be our last!

Getting the picture yet? A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. And please refrain from judging me or that last comment as PollyAnna-ish, 'cuz in the who's seen more in life game, I can trump just about everyone short of the paranormal or thank goddness a really bad bike wreck in heavy traffic!

So, this is my first time on a blog. Is there any limit to one's wordiness before you get the hook? Is there any prereq to be entertaining? (I guess so if you want people to keep reading). I have lots of other thoughts but I'll save 'em for another day.

Peace in '07 ~