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More on Bee-ing and Nothingness

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Author: the Inkslinger

Several interesting developments on the bee front in recent days. For one thing, it’s been gratifying to (finally) see the mainstream media pick up the story. Seems like it took forever, but the issue (and a fair amount of its seriousness) is at last being communicated by TV, newspapers, and other conventional media outlets. People are talking about it. Attention is being focused. That’s a good thing because that’s how action happens. If nobody knows or cares about a crisis, it generally isn’t treated like one.

So the public eye is opening on the fate of the honey bees. But you won’t yet find the real eye-opening news in USA Today or on CNN. Instead, what would seem to bee the big story can be found a report published on the Organic Consumers Association website from the Guerilla News Network.

It says that unlike their captive specially-bred cousins, organic bees doing fine. There are no reports of the so-called colony collapse disorder in organic hives. The scary weird die-off is only occurring among factory-farmed bees living in conventionally maintained hives

This is great news because it points to an answer, suggests a solution, and very clearly maintains hope that honeybees are not simply disappearing outright (and unfathomably so) but merely going "selectively" extinct. It's an unsurprising conclusion when you think about it. When we meddle with nature's divine order, we invariably get into deep trouble. No surprise that bees would eventually appear on the list of stuff we've completely screwed up and/or over. I was not aware that commercial colonies are specially bred (red flag right there) or that their hives subjected to frequent chemical treatments for things like mites and diseases. Had I known, that would have been my first guess as to the cause of all the trouble. Do we not have enough evidence that exposure to toxins like pesticides weakens, damages and/or kills creatures of any and all kinds? Look at the frogs, all the asthmatic kids, the cancer rates, the allergies, the Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, etc. etc. etc. How could bee experts scratch their heads for so long over this and not see? Sheer denial?

Well, at least we're getting somewhere. Here's to organics (again!) and to the wisdom they embrace. It’s going to save more than the bees in the end.