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Meet Our Great New Diapers

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is launching a new generation of Free & Clear diapers and training pants. We'd like to introduce you to Patrick G. and Louis C. of Seventh Generation's Baby division, who will share all the details!

Q: Tell us about Seventh Generation's upgraded diapers and training pants.
Pat & Louis: Seventh Generation is making exciting changes to our diapers and training pants, both inside and out. Our diapers and training pants now have an improved environmental footprint, as we move to a redesigned, lighter-weight core that is both more efficient at absorption and uses less wood pulp. We still offer the same premium absorbency and comfort for your baby, but these changes, as well as a reduction in the size of our plastic packaging, mean that each pack of Seventh Generation diapers now contributes less overall landfill waste than before.

Also, our new look makes it easier to understand just what makes our Free & Clear diapers and training pants different. As always, our diapers are FREE of chlorine processing; they are also free of fragrances, latex, and petroleum-based lotions, so you get to decide what touches your child's sensitive skin.

Q: Tell us more about why Seventh Generation's new diapers and training pants are now more sustainable.
Pat: Seventh Generation is committed to continually improving the footprint of all our products, while providing the premium performance that our consumers expect. By using more advanced and efficient materials in our diaper core, we are able to provide the same great absorbency and leakage protection while reducing the overall mass of the diaper. Our diapers are approximately 20% lighter than when we first introduced them in 2005. The result is less overall landfill waste, even as we continue to pursue other technologies that will deliver even more sustainable solutions in the future.

Q: Why doesn't Seventh Generation use chlorine in its diapers?
Louis: We believe in processing without the use of chemicals containing chlorine because using chlorine in the processing of paper or other products produces chlorinated hydrocarbons, which have a negative impact on the environment. By choosing not to use chlorine in our paper products processing, we help reduce the overall amount of chlorinated toxins released into the environment and in that way we're helping to make the world a healthier place for you and your family.

Q: Any changes to Seventh Generation baby wipes?
Pat & Louis: The only change to our baby wipes is the packaging and new lower pricing! Our packages now better call out that our hypoallergenic baby wipes are free of chlorine processing, free of fragrances and dyes, and free of alcohol.

You'll also start to see prices on our wipes drop by 10-15%. We've done this in order to make them more affordable and accessible to a wider group of consumers.

Q: Where can I buy your new diapers?
A: Our diapers are available at,,, and at other etailers, grocery stores, natural product stores, and mass merchants. For a full list, click here.


sef78 picture
@mccallmomma Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry to hear that our new style of diapers are not working well for you. To be totally honest, the only thing we changed is the absorbent gel and the amount of the fluff in the diapers. The cut, size and dimensions have not changed. We have found that since there is less fluff diaper they do seem to fit a little more true to the weight ranges on pack. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Please contact our customer service department if we might be able to help you find the right size for your little one. 800-456-1191 Thanks, Sefton
mccallmomma picture
We have used your diapers since my daughter was born and have been extremely happy with them. We purchase them through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program. Recently I was informed that the price of the case of diapers would be increasing. That was fine, until....the new diapers arrived. The same size of diapers are quite a bit larger in terms of the actual dimensions of the diaper (we compared it to one of our "old" diapers that is the same size). The new diapers do not fit my daughter. There is a lot of extra diaper material that sags between her legs. Although potty training is near, sadly, we will need to find a new brand of diaper that we feel good about. We are making this change reluctantly. The bottom line: these new diapers are a poor design. The fit is inferior to the old diapers.
julie c. wallace picture
julie c. wallace
your baby wipes is not wet enough and have wipes, diapers in bulk please
samantha.elliott picture
These diapers are the greatest!!
vkindt picture
The new ones have caused leaks multiple times already, and we rarely had that problem with the old version. I will be shopping for a different brand!
kristannar picture
Really disappointed with the new diapers...lots of leakage! We have used them with both kids for several years and now are looking for a switch. Very bummed!
tarafotty picture
Your "chlorine-free" diapers make it seem as though the other brands are processed with chlorine, which in fact, they are not. Also your Seventh Generation diapers are DYED BROWN to make them seem somehow more natural. I advise anyone who believes in a product's GREENWASHING to thoroughly research the product. If, when you contact a company, and they refuse to give you any information on their products, then you should refuse to buy their products.
liathegr8 picture
Absolutely agree with kalynn6... The training pants need a little work-other than the fact they have no openning on the sides, I feel the pants are a little too tight. I hope some improvements will be done, since using other brands after being used to the seventh generations quality is really difficult....
sabrinah picture
I shop on and and wish I could use your coupons online rather than having to print them every time.
Jenhiggins picture
I would love to see the wipes available in bulk
kalynn6 picture
I would like to see the training pants with sides that can adjust like Huggies pull-ups. Makes changing, when wearing layers of clothes, much easier and works well for poopy dipes. I do love the diapers though :)
seventhgenerationforus picture
I also find that the size is way off for us. My baby is not very chubby, yet the waist seems to be much to small for her and then when we go to the next size (way over her weight) the leg gussets are huge! Love love love the diapers though!
jonandamanda picture
That's great that they are made with less pulp and more "green", but are they any better? We tried them for our son and they were so scratchy and tough on his poor little behind. Are we missing something here? We tried to use cloth, but we haven't found the right set yet.
maryardencollins picture
I love 7th Gen diapers and wipes. They are the only ones I use. I'm glad to hear the price of the wipes will go down, because they are definitely smaller! PS - Did you know you can get a subscription on for diapers and wipes to be sent to your house for much cheaper than the stores? Also, the discount is even greater if you join their mom's club (free)! Check it out, Mamas!
rebeccah picture
to NYCityMama - I was under the impression that these days most of our garbage sits in air tight landfills (especially in big cities) so that nothing gets a chance to bio-degrade unless you can compost it in your backyard (which most diapers cannot be for sanitary reasons) thats why i still buy this product even though they add to the trash pile because at least the footprint to create them is so low. (i did use cloth when i had a washer) compost-able packaging might be a nice change though.
NYCityMama picture
I am a huge fan of SG -- I use your paper towels, washing machine powder, dish detergent, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, BUT... I can't bring myself to use your diapers! Not only is the packaging not biodegradable, but the diapers themselves are not biodegradable! How come you haven't gotten there yet?
sfhfsu picture
any chance you'll make the training pants in a smaller size? My daughter is ready for them but only wears size 4 diaper (and is just started to wear that size.)
AlyGal26 picture
I LOVE your diapers but have had to switch to Earth's Best as more come in a package and are approximately $2 less a pack than 7th Generation. It breaks my heart to quit using the "whole wheat" diapers (my girl's name for your diapers)-they are truly wonderful but $2 is $2 nowadays. :(
lrobins1 picture
They're the only ones that fit our baby perfectly!!! Looking forward to seeing the new improvements!
mandy__mouse picture
I buy wipes from Amazon all the time. To reduce packaging, I think the wipes should come in bigger packages.
dolly321 picture
The short waistband on your diapers combined with our fat baby necessitated a switch. Any change there? I'd love to come back!
T Rice picture
T Rice
Hi - Can you list out the ingredients that differ between the old and the new diapers? Thanks.