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Meanwhile, Back On the Savannah...

Author: the Inkslinger

Okay, all's quiet on the Inspired front so I'll slip this in since it's Friday and we could all use a little fun at week's end...

I stumbled across this utterly totally fascinating captivating web site the other day in my travels through the digital ether. Behold, my friends, the African savannah! Yes, that's real live video from a water hole somewhere deep in the heart of the South African Wilderness. Watch wildebeast frolic. Monkeys play. Birds gather. Gazelles graze. Yesterday, I caught a pack of hyenas romping in the grass. The other night, a wicked thunderstorm. It's raw, uncut, unfiltered and completely live as it happens. The audio alone is worth the price of admission. (What in the wide wonderful world was that weird scary howling sound?) You never know what you'll see (or hear), but you're watching water in a place where there's precious little so whatever wildlife is around will eventually wander into view. It's a slice of life on Planet Earth beamed half around the globe in what can only be called a feat of sheer magic. Just amazing to sit in the Vermont woods and be able to see Africa from here.

Disclaimer: The Africam is highly addictive. The Inspired Protagonist is not responsible for losses in productivity you and your loved ones may experience as a result of explosure to its signal.