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Making the Switch to Green

Author: RealMomofNJ

I consider myself green, but I admit I'm not completely green. There are many things around my house -- from baby items to toiletries -- that aren’t quite eco-friendly. Most of these products have eco-friendly alternatives, but I keep using the conventional versions. The reasons for my loyalty are not particularly compelling, either. Sometimes I buy a product because it is what my mom always used, and sometimes I'm driven by price or convenience. Other times I worry that the natural product won't work as well, and then there are the hectic shopping expeditions when I just can’t think about trying something new.

But all these reasons are really just excuses.

I have been reminding myself lately of my motivations for going green in the first place. Other than the obvious reasons of wanting to be more respectful of the environment and help my family lead healthier lives, I get a great feeling of satisfaction from using green products, particularly green cleaners.  Plus, almost every time I try one, I love it and wish I'd tried it sooner. With more and more stores now offering environmentally conscious options, I feel silly holding on to my old ways out of habit or laziness. The pride and happiness that follow making more responsible choices are always worth the effort or extra couple bucks. Also, I've found it's never as difficult or inconvenient as you think to switch to green products. And the satisfaction of making the smart choice is huge!

What products do you continue to use despite green alternatives and why?

photo: Patrick Hoesly