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Make Your Voice Heard!

Author: Seventh Generation

Listening and responding to what our customers have to say is a #1 priority at Seventh Generation. Some of our best ideas and insights come from our faithful fans and Nation members. That's why we're inviting you to become a part of the Seventh Generation Research Panel.  It's easy, interesting (and fun) to take part in periodic surveys and research groups designed to help us stay in touch with the needs of our customers.


Think of it -- this is your opportunity to make your voice and opinion an integral part of our process.  All you need to do to participate is sign up to become a Nation member and be sure to check the box that indicates you're willing to participate in Seventh Generation research activities.  Whenever we identify a research opportunity that's right for you, we'll contact you via email to see if you'd like to take part. Imagine being one of the voices that helps us decide which new products go to market, how we talk to our customers, or whether our formulas are doing everything we promised.  If you're already a Nation member, simply log on to your account and "Manage Preferences" to include "Research Participants."


We're looking forward to hearing what you have to say.


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carho picture
HI, Just want to make a comment and give feedback on the Laundry stain remover product. I absolutely LOVE this product because it doesn't have much of a scent. It also goes a long way and lasts a long time and is easy to use. I also feel good about this product in the sense that if I get any on my hands, I won't feel as if I got poisoned! C.Ho
EatMeat picture
Changed my sentence without fixing... "f veganism is in fact a dogma that 7th Gen is going to eschew, please... " should read "...and 7th Gen is going to eschew eating meat, please..."
EatMeat picture
I have been receiving your newsletters for quite some time now and am feeling more and more like you're trying to make 7th generation exclusive to the unnatural practice of veganism. While I agree that many people (in the US) eat too much meat (as a result of marketing practices and gluttony) and that that in turn has a detrimental effect on the environment, human beings are omnivores; we have pointy teeth identified as canines whose purpose is not to mush lentils with or chew grass, but to assist us with excising meat. Yes it's nice that we live in a country of plenty that affords us the leisure experiment with our diets in a peta patronizing way, however, it seems disingenuous to ignore many MILLENIA of evolutionary process with a contemporary boutique notion expressed by a vocal minority. If veganism is in fact a dogma that 7th Gen is going to eschew, please let me know as it definitely is not in line with my belief system and thus not an ideology/company I care to support.
Pep1530a picture
My husband will not allow me to use Seventh-Gen products on anything but dishes -- and that only because I refuse everything else! Why don't you sell (or give away?) samples of your laundry products, etc?