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Lower Diaper Pricing At Stores Near You!

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation DiapersPlease look for new everyday low pricing on Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Diapers. Our diapers provide premium absorbency and comfort and are available in Sizes Newborn, 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Look for lower prices on our diapers in grocery chains including Acme, Albertson's, Cub Stores, Harris Teeter, HEB, Jewel, Shaw's, and Stop & Shop. They are also available in Toys R Us and Babies R Us and in select Target stores.

To find the store nearest you or to see all stores that carry Seventh Generation diapers and wipes in your neighborhood, visit our Store Finder.

Visit our Coupons page to locate more great savings on our diapers and wipes, and on our new line of disinfecting wipes and sprays.

Thank you for using Seventh Generation and for Protecting Planet Home!


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Enter Referral Code KALX0694 when placing your first order at Diapers.com and you will get $10 off your first diaper order ($49 minimum) plus a $5 credit toward their second order. A total of $15 FREE. Only applicable if you are a first time customer (new customers only). Purchase must total $49 and include at least 1 diapers product (cloth diapers excluded). Diapers.com is a reputable online retailer of all sorts of baby products, ranging from diapers to formula to clothing to nursery furniture. They offer FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING on purchases of $49 or more! They will also accept manufacturer coupons and price match other online retailers for even more savings!
espiset picture
I always order my Seventh Generation Diapers from diapers.com ...Their price is currently $39.99 for a case of diapers. There are 4 packs to a case...they are awesome and easy to use...plus in most states they do NOT CHARGE TAX and if you spend $49 or more they give you FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING! AND on top of all of that if you use the code ESPI0462 and then you'll recieve $10 off your first diaper purchase of $49 or more. So, you can buy a case and an additional pack of Seventh Generation Diapers and spend almost exactly $40. That comes to $8 a pack! Amazing! And you'll get them in the mail 2 days from when you ordered them! Ok, I'm just so in love with diapers.com and Seventh Generation Diapers! Seriously. Remember: Seventh Generation Diapers @ diapers.com code: ESPI0462
GRISW picture
Will your prices change at the Publix stores too?? I hope so, and I am looking forward to find them in a CVS soon. I love shopping there. I went to the 2 Walgreens in my area that suppose to have them .. no luck, didn't even know what I was talking about when I ask the clerk. Thanks
stacie.okosky picture
Stacie here @Seventh Gen, We certainly understand your comments with regard to retail pricing, but unfortunately we do not set the prices at store level. Each retailer sets their price based on their individual business model. We encourage you to talk to your favourite retailers and express your concerns. Also, coupons downloaded from our US website are not eligible in Canada. Please be sure to go to our Canadian website at ca.seventhgeneration.com We do have diaper coupons on our Canadian website now which can be used at most retailers in Canada, so be sure to check them out!! Or, contact our Consumer Insights team at info@seventhgeneration.com and they would be happy to send some coupons your way!
stacie.okosky picture
Hi Sansone, it's Stacie @ Seventh Gen. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with our coupon printer. Our software is compatible w/ Macs, specifically Safari 2.x and 3.x, and Firefox 2. x and 3.x. Please contact our Consumer Insights team- they'd be happy to send some coupons. recycle@seventhgeneration.com @Jenterrell- yes, you're not the first to share this feedback! We're working to allow more than 1 coupon to be printed on each page. Easier said than done (surprisingly) but hopefully it will be an option soon!
stacie.okosky picture
Hi Jen- it's Stacie w/ Seventh Gen. Yes!! The pricing is now lower at Amazon.com as well!! Isn't Subscribe & Save super convenient? Glad to hear that you love our diapers!
Sansone picture
We love your product- but the coupon downloader is not compatible with with Macs. Please make a Mac friendly program, or a program that we don't have to download at all! (Then we can print them from office PC that have downloading restrictions). Several of my friends have tried and had problems getting your online coupons, too.
greengirl picture
I have been using Seventh Generation diapers since my first was born, 4 years ago and now have a 1 1/2 year old. I have always paid a hefty price here in Calgary Canada. For the first 6 months I was paying $10 more a PACKAGE for diapers in a baby clothing store than in the health food stores. I was in shock! It wasn't until I was feeding my son organic first foods that I found out I was paying close to $30 a PACKAGE, 4 years ago! And even in American prices, our dollar is not that different, so it is pretty frightening! Considering I paid that much, the $18 dollars I paid seemed worth it. (I bet you don't pay tat much in the States!) Then I noticed that slowly the prices went up and up. The Superstore chain here in Calgary actually sold it for a short time at $15.99, but everyone else was at $19.99 per package. Well it didn't take long before "Superstore" hiked it up to $19.99 too. So they are now the cheaper place to buy, because where I buy it "Community Health Food Store" and "Blush Lane", is up to $21.99 per package all of a sudden. So your prices may have gone done, but the places we buy them from is ripping us off, and wanting to make more money with the price reduction. That is of course that you gave the Canadian purchasers the same privledge, because I noticed we can't even use the coupons on your website here in Canada. Why is that? I would change diaper companies, because as we all get better informed about what is out there, and do better for ourselves and especially our babies, the health food stores and the like are ripping us all off! Supposed to be for higher demand a lower price, right! Instead it's hike it up a few more bucks because people are buying it. I'd change companies, but you are still one of the lower priced ones, makes me absolutely sick to my stomach and so very bitter to the propaganda! Also, I really like how you guys lowered your Chlorine Free wipes count from 80 to 70, but have hiked up the price there too! Unbelievable! Can't wait to have my little one toilet trained!
michjerez picture
I have two young children and they have both been wearing 7th Generation diapers/pull ups since they were born. I hated spending all this money for the diapers and looked forward to the $2 off coupons when available. I then started buying them from Amazon over a year ago and LOVE IT! Like Jen mentioned in her blog, I don't have to go to the store to buy them and they are free shipping. I even have them delivered to my parent's house when we go to their place for vacation. My question is the same, will Amazon reduce their prices as well? By the way, I was so pleased to find the Disinfectant spray, I waited ages for it and love it. I was not sure of the Thyme smell but I got use to it. I would rather have a citrus smell but so far it works (I was a Clorex Anywhere fan).
jennterrell picture
love your products, and really appreciate the coupons, which make your products affordable, even for those on a tight budget. However, I get frustrated when i want to print coupons, I cannot print multiple coupons per piece of paper. I HATE wasting a whole sheet of paper for one coupon. Please make it possible to print multiple coupons per sheet. This might just mean making the "ad" portion at the top smaller, so I can reinsert the page in my printer to use the lower half of the page for a different coupon. Thanks and keep up the great work!
agille picture
Whenever I talk to other moms about diapers they always end up saying something about how I use "those expensive diapers" and I never knew how to respond except that the place where I buy mine has them at roughly the same price as all the rest. Now they are less expensive across the board at all the shops and I am SO PLEASED! I am also pleased with the new softness of the diaper! (in the light green packaging) I also picked up my first jug of the disinfecting whipes which I am LOVING! Thank you 7th generation! Continue to make great products and I will continue to use them and share them!
marrobin36 picture
Love the fact that they're chlorine-free. However, wish Size 6 came in pull-ups.
jkbauder@gmail.com picture
Hi - I order my 7thGen diapers via Amazon's subscribe and save program and I love it! I get my 4-pack every month or so and it's really easy. I just got my order and the price was still what it has been... I was wondering if the pricing on Amazon will be lower or does this just affect store pricing? We've been using 7thGen diapers since my daughter was a newborn and we still love them! Thanks, Jen
stacie.okosky picture
Hi, thanks for asking! I work closely with our diaper line at Seventh Gen- there have been no changes to the product. Same great quality, we're simply trying to make our diapers more affordable (and accessible) to our valued consumers!!
jkbarth picture
why did the price change? it makes me nervous that you've changed something in the diaper. can you tell us why the price drop? thanks!