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Lower Diaper Pricing Is Here!

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation DiapersWe are pleased to announce new everyday low pricing on Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Diapers. Our diapers provide premium absorbency and comfort and are available in Sizes Newborn, 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Save with larger value packs from online merchants including Amazon.com, Diapers.com, and Drugstore.com.

To find all stores that carry Seventh Generation diapers online and in your neighborhood, visit our Store Finder.

Visit our Coupons page to locate more great savings on our diapers and wipes, and on our new line of disinfecting wipes and sprays.

Thank you for using Seventh Generation and for Protecting Planet Home.


Lina Samaha picture
Lina Samaha
Hi, how can I get coupons for 7G diapers in Canada? Where would I be able to buy them at the lowest price? Thanks.
peacefullady777@aol.com picture
My little brother is doing a project regarding the biodegradability of diapers. Are these diapers biodegradable or not....bottom line please. Thanks.
greengirl picture
I just read some posts about pricing and how cheap it is! That must be only in the US because I wrote a long rant on how I used to spend $29 CAD for 1 package!!! 4 years ago! Now I can find it for no less that $20 per package, and no coupns yet available in Canada. So I have been using 7G diapers for 4 years now, you can imagine how much it has cost me! wish it were as cheap as in the US, it's not like we live that far away, or noone carries it here! Most store I go into does, why does it cost so darm much? It's not like you have to cross oceans to get here!
greengirl picture
Hi there, I'd also like the unformation about how to buy 7G diapers in bulk in Canada! Thanks!
stacie.okosky picture
Hi Jollean- I just sent you an email with some information about how to buy our diapers in bulk in Canada. Please contact our broker- she'll do her best to help you! Thanks.
Jollean Rayne picture
Jollean Rayne
Thank you 7G for getting back to me regarding Canadian Coupons so quickly. I look forward to using them when your webpage is set up for Canadians to print them! Does anybody know, can I buy the bulk packs I just read about in Canada - if so, which stores carry them? Thankyou, Jollean
stacie.okosky picture
Hi there- I work closely with our diaper line here at Seventh Generation and want to help clarify. The two price points you mention represent different package sizes. For example (with Stage 4 diapers) Toys R Us’ $22.99 pack has 64 diapers, and Amazon’s $39.99 case has 120 diapers. It’s possible to buy a case online for less than $39.99 by taking advantage of Amazon.com’s Subscribe and Save program, or via occasional promotional coupons. However, we’re excited to offer our new everyday low price of $39.99 per case at our major e-tailer partners.
cwill15 picture
I'm not sure where you buy your diapers at but I've been buying the 7th gen diapers at babies r us and toys r us for $22.99 a box for a longggg while... that's awful for $38 a case and i'm sure it's the same thing !!
wiffey picture
When does this take effect? The price was $38/ case last week, now its $39.99!!! I'm confused!?
There are biodegradable diapers. They are called gdiapers "G" as in "good" diapers. They are a disposable diaper held in place by cute little pants like underpants. The disposable middle soiled part is then flushed down the toilet or throwout into the compost pile. My son uses them with his baby, he buys them at Babies-R-Us.
TallyMichelle picture
Ryanmarie, I've been using cloth diapers for 5 months now with my daughter-it's not a mess at all! Check out simplemom.net's Cloth Diaper 101 posts for more info. Plus, I save so much using cloth diapers that I can afford 7thGen disposables to keep on hand when we're going out of town or I get 'behind' (excuse the pun) on laundry! Honestly, it is much less scary than I thought - I would have done it with my first child if I had known how easy it is!
jsl108 picture
Ryanmarie, Unfortunately, even if the diapers are biodegradable, you have to hot compost them yourself because most waste management companies do not have this ability. If you throw them in with your trash or try to put them out for recycling, they just end up in the landfill and won't break down. --jessica
sherrick picture
I liked to use 7th Generation diapers for my daughter but the price just became to prohibitive (even when purchasing in bulk)! The case price is now in a reasonable price range of other diapers and even mass wholesalers like Costco. I'll definitely be switching back!
ryannmarie picture
Hello, I don't know a lot of information about these diapers but just a question; are these diapers biodegradable? I like the idea of using reusable cloth diapers but what a mess. But the idea of throwing away diapers like they are kleenex is hard to imagine. Anyone have any thoughts of biodegradable diapers for those that need to save some money, still? Thank you all!
crystiank picture
How about a laundry stain remover????? I use and love your laundry detergent, but it doesn't get stains out great so I haven't been able to give up my zout. Zout is amazing, but of course filled with toxins. Can you check it out and find a way to make a product that works as well. Also, do you have a carpet cleaner? We've had the stomach flu lately and it made me more sick to spray the rugs with a typical carpet cleaner.