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The Long, Lonely Road is Glorious

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Cross-posted on on 10.17.06:

I am having an absolute blast in my journey through Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon! As the land and climates offer themselves, my mind meanders every side road of thought imaginable.....I have appreciated what I would call five-six visual epiphanies - moments where the landscape screams to me, challenges me, lulls me, makes me teary eyed and just plain leaves me awestruck. This nation is amazing. I feel so fortunate to have laid eyes on such beauty and am more compelled than ever to preserve the gift of these sites, inspirations, resources and untainted backyards for our future. Lots of thought, general goofy Jen and singing interspersed with car dancing to come........

Oh, and Miss Mission Fairy Stacie, whom I miss dearly... I wish I was there to share full PMS and, perhaps, a side of home fries. Below the belt on this end, I am ovulating. Yup, pretty sure of it...(I am so 28 day timely). Hold on for the hunger, bloat, headache and general emotional diaspora. I am right behind you!!