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Living on Borrowed Time

Author: the Inkslinger

Today is International Ecological Debt Day. That is, today marks the day of the year when the world's annual demands for earth's natural resources outstrips the planet's annual ability to sustainably provide them and our annual impacts on the biosphere exceed the annual ability of the planet to absorb them. From this point in the year onward, according to data assembled by the Global Footprint Network, we're living on "natural credit" and borrowing against our future by using more than the earth can produce each year and leaving behind more than it can take back.

To illustrate just how quickly things are mushrooming, the date of the world's first ecological debt day in 1987 was December 19th. But economic growth around the world has seen the day fall earlier and earlier each year. The sustainability clock is ticking and apparently it's ticking faster all the time, all of which which strongly suggests that we not wait until its alarm goes off to start spinning its hands forward. If we hesitate, a metaphor may be the only thing we're left with...