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Little Seed, Big Problem

Author: Christopher Miller

OrangutanAs we have mentioned in previous blog posts, Seventh Generation has launched a major initiative around palm oil. As you know, the massive expanse in palm oil production has caused vast tracts of tropical rainforest to be slashed and burned to make way for massive new palm oil plantations. Seventh Generation uses oil from the seed of the palm fruit, called palm kernel oil, to power our all natural plant derived cleaning agents. We have pledged that by the end of 2012, we will only source certified sustainable palm kernel oil for all of our products.

But Seventh Generation can't transform the palm oil industry alone. Like ourselves, Whole Foods Market has prioritized the issue of palm oil, and has made a commitment to ensure that only certified sustainable palm oil is used in their private label brands across all Whole Foods Markers from coast to coast. Our actions, together with Whole Foods Market, mark a first for U.S. companies, and we are both committed to ensuring that the devastation to tropical rainforests from palm oil production stops.

photo: stolte-sawa