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Lights Out! Welcome to our Hour of Power!

Author: the Inkslinger

Things have started to heat up where the climate crisis is concerned. And just in the nick of time, too, because the scientific community is growing more concerned about global warming. So get ready to spend some time in the dark as you participate in the largest climate movement in history.

Earth Hour takes place this Saturday, March 31, at 8:30 pm local time. At that moment, hundreds of millions of people around the world and some 4,000 cities in 87 countries will turn off their lights for sixty minutes in an international call to stop global warming.

Participation is easy, and we're urging all our friends to join us. All we need to do is turn out our lights for a single hour. The blackness that follows will send a message to Washington and other capitals that it's time to take strong action and make sure that the Earth remains habitable. But we all need to participate for that message to be heard. So gather your loved ones and light some candles, then tell stories, sing songs, and dream of a sustainable world. We can build it if we try.

Talk to your friends and neighbors and urge them to shut off their lights, too. Let's join people from New York City to Shanghai to spark this movement to save the environment. Because this is the hour when we can all make a difference by coming together in a single, simple act. This is the hour when we dissolve all borders to bring lasting change to the world. Let's hit the switch and get that party started.