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Know What's in Your Personal Care Products

Author: sheila hollender

Starting a new year always makes one think about the changes possible in one's daily life. At Seventh Generation we have always held the principle of ingredient disclosure in our products as a basic tenant of our business. To help you get the information on product ingredients in personal care products, we suggest the following sites:

As consumers, we have the power to make changes to the world in which we live. By demanding "safe" products we will be able to make a difference.

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betonylauren picture
I always like to cross-reference to be sure the brand is not testing on animals or buying from suppliers who do. It is the most comprehensive/strictest animal testing site I know of.
astuartgirl picture
I have always used the skindeep database but it is cumbersome to use in the store. However, The Good Guide is a wowsie all the way around! Thanks for the link!
Kristi Marsh picture
Kristi Marsh
Not only did I just launch "Little Changes: Tales of a Home Eco-Momics Pioneer" - a hybrid memoir exploring the topics that you share above - but 7 Gen just highlighted it one page over! Thank you 7 Gen for all you do!