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Keeping the Heat On High

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Author: the Inkslinger

I would now to pause to throw some serious love Step It Up’s way. I’m crazy for this group. They’re taking it to the streets and making some good solid noise about the climate crisis. Demanding attention in ways than cannot be ignored by even the highest and the mightiest no matter where it is they’re sitting on their hands. That’s what I’m talking about, Willis. Getting in their faces. Refusing to back down. And not taking no for an answer.

The Step It Up event last spring was pure genius and highly effective. It got a lot of people involved and thinking. And it got noticed. Now comes Act II: a National Day of Climate Action on November 3rd. Just like last spring’s event, anyone can organize an event in their community. (It’s easy to do.)

The idea this time is to have events be held at places named for great leaders of the past, whether local or national, to invite your local and national politicians and candidates to attend, and to demand that they support three key priorities:

  1. Five million green jobs conserving 20% of our energy by 2015.
  2. Freeze climate pollution levels now and cut them 30% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.
  3. And place a moratorium on new coal-fired power plants.

Let me hear you say hallelulah, children. Count me in. I love the inviting politicians part. They can’t hide from this one. Step It Up also has
a very inspiring video that demands to be viewed. It’s a trailer for a new climate crisis film called Everything’s Cool. And Step It Up has teamed up with 1 Sky, a great new group working on the issue as well. One climate. One Future. One Chance. The change is coming. Be a part of it. Our kids are counting on us.