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Joining Forces to Fight Climate Change

Author: Seventh Generation

At Seventh Generation, we don't just make products; we seek to engage others in conversations and collaborations about changing our world in positive ways.  We seek to link arms with non-profit organizations, retailers, our supply chain partners and consumers so, together, we can influence the world beyond our size.


Climate change is an issue of deep concern to us and as hard as we've tried to reduce our carbon footprint, it’s clear change will not come from our actions alone. We know we need to work closely with others to protect our planet for future generations. 


That's why we joined the visionary companies of Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) in early 2009. BICEP brings key allies in the business community together with relevant members of Congress to pass meaningful energy and climate change legislation. The group has been tremendously active and will prove to be a key player in the congressional debate on this topic.


Today we are proud to be standing alongside Patagonia, Starbucks, Levi Strauss, Ben & Jerry's, Clif Bar, IKEA, New Belgium Brewing, NIKE, Stonyfield Farms and other American business leaders to sign BICEP's "Climate Declaration" urging Congress to address climate change by promoting clean energy, boosting efficiency and limiting carbon emissions.


Add your voice to ours and sign the Climate Declaration encouraging other U.S. businesses to join the call to action.   


renatakater picture
Thank you for this important step. I think that human beings don't realize that more important than climate change is the shortage of natural resources that the world will face in the future. Using alternative and environmentally friend ingredients in your products is the right way to conservation.
mcanderson picture
Love your products and always have and I love the idea having American Business' think about the Climate before rushing off and making a quick dollar through bad management practices. But what about bringing back jobs to the USA. Let's produce our own items here, as saving our climate needs to not only happen here in the USA but everywhere and we all know that many countries have cheap labor (more profit) but bad management practices for not only their employees but also for the environment. Many small steps together make one giant leap! Someday we will be there, and maybe then the human race as a whole maybe wont be so self centered and selfish.
barbara defries picture
barbara defries
I love your products and use them throughout my home, however I have not bought into the "climate Change Scare". The earth's climate changes in cycles, and always has, it's a natural occurance. Alot of people have used this "climate change scare" to make alot of money, and I'm sorry that Seventh Generation is pushing this left agenda! We all want cleaner air and a better environment and we continue to improve our habits, but the earth has it's own mechanisms and I think we should recognize what many scientists agree on, that is a natural cycle. I will not be signing your petition. It's easy to villainize corperations, but we all drive cars don't we?
sheila hollender picture
sheila hollender
Bravo for taking this important step!