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Join the Million Baby Crawl

Author: robin

Million Baby CrawlSeventh Generation invites you to join the Million Baby Crawl, a virtual march to Washington, D.C. to say "No" to toxic chemicals found in our homes.

Create a crawler today, and help us demand that Congress reform outdated toxic chemical policy. JOIN THE CRAWL TODAY!!

And please tell your friends and family about this important issue. Learn more about toxic chemical reform and the Million Baby Crawl.

We also held Million Baby Crawl events in cities around the country. Click here for more information.


jon hildreth picture
jon hildreth
ABSOLUTELY NO ANIMAL TESTING. I do NOT support any reforms that increase animal testing or even leave it at the same levels. Your company is a true disappointment. I will immediately stop using your dish soap, laundry soap, dryer sheets, paper towels...EVERYTHING until I have confirmation that you're doing and supporting legislation the has NO ANIMAL TESTING
Shelley R. picture
Shelley R.
I really wanted to support this initiative, but I just read that Seventh Generation supports animal testing and legislation that will result in the painful poisoning deaths of tens of millions of animals. It is shocking that Seventh Generation thinks that protecting the environment by using safer chemicals and protecting animals from laboratory experiments are incompatible goals, particularly when scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that tests on animals delay effective regulation and do not protect public health or the environment. Read more:
safeathome2010 picture
This is such a cool idea! My baby's wearing knee pads and is ready to rock and roll all the way to DC!