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Joel Makower's Blog Post on Carbon Neutraling

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Author: Gregor

Hey - great post on Joel Makower's blog today on whether going 'carbon neutral' is good enough for a business in taking on the questions around reducing their carbon footprint. Joel writes:

"buying offsets for an energy-wasteful home or business and calling it environmentally responsible is akin to buying a Diet Coke to go with your double bacon cheeseburger -- and calling it a weight-loss program. Efficiency (and calorie reduction!) comes first."

This lives where we at 7th Gen are thinking in designing our program. It is all about design - real design, design that is looking at the whole system and (in the words of Buckminister Fuller) "doing more with less" - more and more efficicency, less and less resource. We need to get quickly beyond the frameworks that carbon neutraling hold - if we are not thinking Earth to Earth and seven generations out in all our business decisioning (regenerate), we are still working in frameworks that leave valuable resources as waste...Once we at 7th Gen have the plan in place, I will post it... Thanks man - Gregor