It's Sextuplets! Baby Personal Care Line Joins the Seventh Generation Family! | Seventh Generation
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It's Sextuplets! Baby Personal Care Line Joins the Seventh Generation Family!

Author: Seventh Generation

We're delighted to announce the arrival of our Baby Personal Care line!

Conceived by the parents of Seventh Generation, our six newest additions are a welcome part of our growing baby care line. They're also the first line of baby personal care products to receive the USDA  Certified Biobased seal -- your assurance that our formulas are plant-based.

You'll love the way their gentle formulas clean, soothe, and nurture your little ones with plant-derived moisturizers like extra virgin olive oil. And you can rest assured that the hypoallergenic, gluten-free formulas contain no parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.

If there's a wee one (or two) in your home, you'll want to get to know our complete line of baby care products, including diapers, wipes, and home care products especially formulated to help keep everything that baby touches -- and everything that touches baby -- clean and sparkling.

Seventh Generation Baby Personal Care products are available this weekend in our online store and at retailers and natural foods stores soon.



Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@Flossie frances- Thanks for touching base with us about this ingredient. Tetrasodium iminodisccinate is used in 3 of our baby care products, the foaming baby shampoo and wash, the bubble bath, and the shampoo and wash. This is one the few synthetic ingredients in these products, which is used to stabilize our 97% plant based products. Although a form of this ingredient can be found in cleaning products, the grade of the tetrasodium iminodisccinate that we use is designed specifically for personal hygiene use, and is appropriate for delicate skin care. One of the reasons that we provide all of our ingredients on our labels and website, is so that our consumers know exactly what we put into the products. Our hope is that by doing so, we allow consumers to make an informed decision regarding what they bring into their homes, and use around their families. Products like ours require the addition of a preservative because microorganisms can actually sustain themselves by eating our plant based product. A preservative keeps microorganisms from contaminating and spoiling what would “go bad” rather quickly without one. While we aspire to transition to a natural preservative technology, at the current time we have not found a plant based preservative system that is effective enough to meet our standards for preservation and shelf life.
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@wvwoman- We are sorry to hear that the addition of essential oils in our Baby Personal Care is in any way prohibitive for your use of these products. It is not our intent to ostracize anyone from using our products, instead it is our hope to please as many people as possible while offering healthy alternatives in baby care products. We have chosen to use natural essential oils & botanical extracts in our baby care line to provide a light fresh scent that many consumers seek when choosing their baby care products. The formulas are hypoallergenic and contain no phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, harsh dyes, and are designed for use on sensitive baby skin. That said, we understand that some people may have specific sensitivities that prohibit use. As we continue to expand the range of baby care options, we will consider consumer interest in fragrance free items and in hope that we can one day offer you products that meet your needs. Thank you for your feedback.
Flossie frances picture
Flossie frances
What is this doing in a gentle, natural baby wash? It is found in cleaning products and laundry soap!! I was excited to find a reliable product for my grandchildren. With little research, I find disappointment with these products. What is going on? Environmental Working Group (EWG) makes it very easy to search. So much for trusting a product line. People, please, do not trust this product line without looking at ingredients.
sandylanz picture
I'm so excited that my future grandchildren will have a safe reputable product line. Especially the sunscreen since they will probably be born in Hawaii. Thank you.
wvwoman picture
I'm really surprised and disappointed that 5 of the 6 new products are fragranced. For many of us with chemical/fragrance sensitivities, ANY fragrance, "natural" or not, can't be tolerated.
Mbc291 picture
Yes, I'm a dork for saying it but as a new mom (second time over), I remember trying out different diaper creams with my first and none quite sufficing. But, since I was using 7th Gen diapers, even back then, it was a rarity that she did get a rash. Sometimes, I would preemptively put the cream on (long plane or car ride). So, I can't wait for the diaper cream... and the sunscreen and the shampoo and wash. To know that I can protect my girls and help the environment - win, win! Thanks!