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It Bee a Virus?

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Author: the Inkslinger

Update on the fate of the bees…

The Bee People think they’re getting a handle on what’s causing all the incidents of colony collapse disorder in the hives of our pollinating friends, the honeybees. The answer, or at least part of it, would seem to be a virus called Israeli acute paralysis virus. That’s the verdict after a whole lot of test tubes were brought to bear on the mystery. (Huzzah! Science!). But researchers don’t think the virus is the sole culprit. It’s a key contributor but there appear to be other factors in play as well. What those factors are remains a bit of a mystery.

My guess (still) is that the buzz is ultimately going to settle on pesticides, which they’ll figure out are weakening honeybee immune systems and making them susceptible to the Israeli virus. It’s kinda of a no-brainer, but you know those crazy nutty pesticide companies and those wacky ginormous agribusinesses. They need a fistful and then some of absolute incontrovertible proof positive before they’ll even consider sacrificing a dime of precious profit for the common good. So we’ll have to spend a ton of money and waste a boatload of time proving the obvious when the Precautionary Principle would get us where we need to go in a heartbeat.

Ahhh, silly humans…