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Introducing NEW Seventh Generation Concentrates

Author: Seventh Generation

You asked, we responded! Introducing Seventh Generation Concentrates, now part of Target's Made to Matter collection of brands that make things better for you, your family and the place we all call home.

Each new 3 oz. bottle holds a concentrated dose of plant-based cleaning power. Activate it by pouring the contents into a 32 oz. spray bottle and adding ordinary tap water. Concentrated refill bottles are easy to carry home and easy to store even when space is tight, and they use 86% less plastic than our conventional 32 oz. spray bottle.

The new Concentrates crew includes:

  • All Purpose Cleaner. Everyone's favorite go-to cleaner is a natural for a cutting grease, grime and dirt everywhere in your home.
  • Tub & Tile Cleaner. Made with plant-derived cleaning agents, this formula helps you keep bathroom surfaces shining and soap-scum free.
  • Glass & Surface Cleaner. Gives you sparkling, streak-free results without all the harsh fumes.

Why are concentrates such a good choice?

They can help you reduce your carbon footprint, save money and care for the environment while giving you the same effective product as their full-size versions. 

Seventh Generation Concentrates are manufactured with less water, less paper, ink and less plastic, so less ends up in landfills. And since you use your own spray bottle which you fill again and again, you cut back even more on plastic waste. Thanks to their small size, we can ship more Concentrates to our distributors at once, saving fuel in the process. Less fuel being used means fewer emissions in the atmosphere and less greenhouse gas being produced. And if you purchase Concentrates in quantity, it means fewer trips to the store - a savings for you and the environment!

We're thrilled that Target has chosen to include Seventh Generation Concentrates as an exclusive in its Made to Matter Collection. It's just one more way they're able to offer products designed to be better for everyone and available to anyone.