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Inspiration in D.C.

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Author: Lara Petersen

We’ve been really blessed with our guest speakers this week at Change It. Christine Kelly from the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education woke us up with her Systems Thinking training first thing in the morning yesterday. It was fun, and everyone really seemed to get how it applied to the work that they’re doing here, and out in the world.

I’ve gotten lots of comments from Change It students saying how much they enjoyed author and storyteller Rafe Martin as well as Lawrence Bell of the National Coalition Building Institute. Both speakers got standing ovations and even hugs from some students!

Trainers and organizers from Greenpeace have also been imparting their wisdom. Nathan Santry, Actions Team Director at Greenpeace, shared his recent experience while literally fighting to stop Japanese whaling (i.e. whale, harpoon, Nathan in the middle). We watched some heart-wrenching film clips of the long and painful deaths of these beautiful creatures, which the Japanese government is allowing every day under the guise of “research”. There were a lot of tears in the room and I, for one, am forever changed. But there were less heavy parts to Nathan’s presentation as well, including some victories for his team and even fun on the boat. You can read Nathan’s blog from that trip here.

Today we’re off to the Greenpeace equipment facility to see the actual inflatable boat that Nathan was on out there, risking his life for the whales, and we’re also going to participate Greenpeace's non-violence training.

I’ll have more to share soon, specifically about the learning and great bonding experiences that I’ve witnessed through the training simulation (“Sweet River”) that Change It students participated in over the last few days, but I have to run.

So for now I’ll leave you with this teaser: “coal stinks (coal stinks), coal stinks (coal stinks), it’s not as cost effective as you think…” Change It winner Andrew Barnett is a lyrical genius! (Full song lyrics to follow, and a clip from Gregor below.)

On the Merits of coal...

By Andy Barnett.

Melody: assorted folk melodies.


Coal Stinks (Coal Stinks)

Coal Stinks (Coal Stinks)

It's not as cost effective as you'd think.
There's mountaintop removal, acid rain, and global devastation thanks to
Climate Change.

Greenpeace has been around the block a few times,
Whaling expeditions, and forest crimes.
But all that destruction, all those devils-
Y'aint seen nothin like the rising sea levels.

Bad news folks, it's the Bush Administration.
I think I'd prefer unanaesthetized castration.
But wake up Washington, stop being fools,
Run our country without fossil fuels!

Refrain twice

External costs, they're worse than rabies,
Cheap power now, but it's killin our babies.
But we've got the answer, we've got a plan,
Solar, Wind, Hydrogen and stick it to the man!

Refrain twice.

Peaceful protest, letter writing,
Tell 'em 'bout the fight we're fighting.
Fossil Fuels are out of date,
Fund clean Energy before it's too late!

Thanks all for your comments!