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New! Select-a-Size Paper Towels and Softer Bath Tissue

Author: SarahT

Did you know that YOU are the biggest influence on our Research & Development process? Your feedback is critical to the success of our products. In 2008, the single most-requested product feature was select-a-size paper towels.

We're very happy to announce...

Right-Size Paper Towels
You asked for it, and our research and development team was happy to comply! Our white, 100% recycled paper towels now come in 'Right Size' sheets, helping you customize the size of the sheet to any job. Look for these wherever Seventh Generation Paper Towels are sold. Look for the Right-Size symbol on each pack.

Softer Bath Tissue? Yes!
We know softness is important, so we've upgraded our embossing process to obtain a significantly softer feel for all our 100% recycled multi-pack bath tissue. Look for the "softness" symbol on each pack.