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New! Select-a-Size Paper Towels and Softer Bath Tissue

Author: SarahT

Did you know that YOU are the biggest influence on our Research & Development process? Your feedback is critical to the success of our products. In 2008, the single most-requested product feature was select-a-size paper towels.

We're very happy to announce...

Right-Size Paper Towels
You asked for it, and our research and development team was happy to comply! Our white, 100% recycled paper towels now come in 'Right Size' sheets, helping you customize the size of the sheet to any job. Look for these wherever Seventh Generation Paper Towels are sold. Look for the Right-Size symbol on each pack.

Softer Bath Tissue? Yes!
We know softness is important, so we've upgraded our embossing process to obtain a significantly softer feel for all our 100% recycled multi-pack bath tissue. Look for the "softness" symbol on each pack.


brux picture
It seems that it has just changed in a major way ... the date is 12-7-09. I have two rolls in my hand to compare, the old one is great, very nice, soft and cheap. The new one is rough, gritty and kind of stiff. They are both the same product to the best of my ability to tell, and they have the same pattern on them as well. What happened? I used to buy expensive TP from Safeway, until one day when I tried the most inexpensive, just to do a test. This product was superior to most out there, so I started to buy it regularly. Now, it is so rough as to be unuseable ... did someone really think that we the consumers would not notice that, or is this just a mistake? Because I am not going to continue buying a product just because it used to be good and I liked its previous version. I liked the idea that this was inexpensive and good for the environment, and performed great. Now, I am confused? Can Seventh Generation please explain what might have happened here or go back to the previous excellent version of their product? Please?
angibarnett picture
When it comes to paper towels & tissues, I don't care what color it is. If unbleached is cheaper than peroxide bleached, then that's the route I'm going. As for toilet tissue, I've never met anything that bothered me because of the texture - what does bother me is paper that "pills." I have found that the brands that claim to be "soft" are the ones that pill up the worst. For a man, this may not be a big issue, but for women, it is a real problem. If the new "softer" TP has pilling, I'll switch brands without hesitation. Facial tissues are another story altogether. Softer is better on a tender nose. At home, i usually blow my nose in washable rags & throw them in with the cloth diapers, so I am not one of your primary facial tissue consumers. picture
It it unbelievable the petty things people complain about. Separating toilet paper ply's? Seriously people...these products are about being environmentally friendly. We use them to wipe know. Now tell necessary is it for the manufacturers to get the plys to stick together or be in perfect alignment? At least there are companies like 7th Gen that care enough to create these products. picture
In the last 18 months or so have the quality to be poor on these products. Bought a 12 pack that would not tear clean at the perforations. Bought 4 packs that the plys seperated through the whole role. ? Who is the contractor? What are their qulaity reqiurements from 7th Gen? How are they flowed down? How does the supplier monitor and measure their process? Start with ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Reqiurements and start to live to the spirit of these documents. Then maybe you can win the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award. Walk the talk folks at 7 th Gen. Loyal Customer for 10 years of most products.
heathyb picture
If you read any of the packaging on the toilet paper, napkins, tissues, or paper towels, 7th Generation clearly states they do not use Chlorine to bleach the products. As far as softness is concerned, I liked how the toilet paper was before. Luckily, I still have a carton of 7th Generation toilet paper left. Yes, we buy it by the carton. I hope I'm not disappointed when we have to buy the "new & improved" toilet paper.
michaelgreason picture
When the two plies in a toilet roll are misaligned it is not a manufacturing defect. Rather, it is caused by pairing non-matching plies. Each two ply tissue has a top ply and a bottom one. When they don't match up it is because the bottom is on top of the top. To align the plies, simply roll just the top ply around the roll for one turn. That will correct the mismatch - what was incorrectly the top ply will now become correctly the bottom one - and it will be matched with the correct top ply.
oceangirl picture
I've been a long time users of 7th Generation products and value their earth friendly ways. However as econ. times get harder I couldn't help but do a price compare on your products and others. In many cases 7th Gen is 2x more expensive sometimes even more. If we are truly dedicated to helping our planet we need to bring prices in line with other retailers so that consumers make the choice about value, price and helping the planet. Earth friendly products will have the greatest impact when they can be afforded by all.
sef78 picture
I apologize for the delayed response, I am from the Consumer Insights Department, we have been very busy since the beginning of this year. You ask a great question. Why did we cut back on the paper when we want to minimize the impacts on the planet? The sheet count and overall footage of the Bathroom Tissue was reduced for 2 reasons. The first being that the cost of recycled materials went way up, this happened as the stock markets dropped. This caused the costs to produce our paper products to increase. The second is that we wanted to align our products closer to that of conventional products, so that people can make an easy comparison. We are at the mercy of the market like everyone else. This was not an act to try to make more money for the same product but to keep this product available to the masses. Keeping our products cheap and available is a mission that we are always on; if the cost of recycled goods were to drop so would our prices. We are always open to ideas as to how to best communicate changes like this. For future changes what would be the best way to combat increasing raw material costs? Your feedback is valuable; if keeping the counts the same and increasing the prices would be preferred we would love to know. I am sorry that you have not been able to find our coupons. We have them available at our website. You can also contact our Consumer Insights Department if printing coupons is not an option. Without our consumers we would not be in the position we are. We want to support our consumers whenever possible.
sef78 picture
01/29/09 I work for Seventh Generation in the Consumer Insights Department. I appreciate you voicing the concerns about bleaching with Chlorine. We could not agree with you more, bleaching with chlorine is an awful practice. We are committed to not using Chlorine in the processing of any of our products. All of our paper products are processed with an oxygen bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide. This is a naturally occuring substance that does readily biodegrade. The difference between the white and brown paper towels come from what materials are used to make these. The white paper towels generally come from office paper and newspaper being recycled. Where as the brown is from corrogated cardboard. The white paper towels are not that color from extra chemicals but a result of the raw materials being used. Processing without chlorine is something we are very proud of and on every package of paper products it does highlight that we are not using this harsh ingredient.
Melissa123 picture
I read, with interest, Jeffrey's recent blog about companies downgrading products and upgrading prices and his claim that that was something 7thGen does not do. He got busted on the diaper thing and I'm here to express my disgust with the new toilet paper. 113 sq. ft. less toilet paper, for the same price as before. We are in financially difficult times right now so a little more softness DOES NOT make up for less product! I would go back to buying Whole Foods TP for $1 more for 100 sq ft more TP, BUT it is agains my religion to buy 32 rolls of TP holding 587 sq ft AND every 4 pk is wrapped in plasic INSIDE the giant wrap of plastic. Excuse me if my #s are not exact but I know that my last purchase of TP from you was for 600 sq ft for $9.99 and now I get 487 sq ft. How slimy! It stings so much more becuase of Jeffrey's recent blog stating that isn't done at 7thGen. Please bring back more TP for the same price AND coupons. I can't remember when the last time was that you had and coupons for TP or tampons or pads... Sincerely, a very dissapointed shopper in Boulder Oh, I would love a reply! picture
You and every other 'green' company are still missing the boat. You could make a boatload of money if you only realized consumers really prefer safer products for themselves first, environment second. Do not waste time using chlorine bleach to whiten paper products, leaving traces of dioxin and who knows what else. We consumers do not CARE if our t.p is off white or brown. What color do you think it is after we wipe? I personally only buy non-chemically bleached paper/sanitary products...and all my friends would too, if you made more.
jrwalco picture
I'm a self-professed select-a-size snob. Select-a-size is the only variety of paper towels I will purchase, regardless of brand, since it helps me use only what I need. So, up until now I haven't used Seventh Generation paper towels. I'm happy to say that I'm now looking forward to adding another 7Gen product to my list! Thanks, Seventh Generation, for listening to your customers.
dwolter picture
Though we buy toilet tissue and facial tissues, increasingly both products have the following defects: 2-ply toiet tissues often have plies that don't match and so a single-ply comes off or the two plies are increasingly off-center. The facial tissues will have one tissue that is OK and the next which is a single ply. I've seldom encountered this problem with other brands. I hope that you can fix this.